Cruda Amarilli

Comp: Monteverdi

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Type: madrigal

-unrequited love

-dissonances break rules of counterpoint

second practice

Vedro ‘L mio sol

Comp: Caccini

Type: Madrigal

abandoned contrapuntal part writing for chordal accompaniment

figured bass


O Quam tu pulchra es (oh how beautiful you are)

Comp: Grandi

Type: Sacred concerto


-was set as a latin text in the Mass Ordinary


Saul, Was Verfogst Du Mich

Comp: Schutz

Type: Sacred concerto

-Elaborate scoring- solo singing but also choral and instrumental parts, STRONG relationship between text and music.

-Pauls descriptions of how he was converted to Christianity

suspensions to highlight harshness of text

Historia di Jephte

Comp: Carissimi

Type:Oratorio; (performed during Lent)


Biblical story of Jephta; Military leader of israelites, promises/owes Lord. say he’ll kill the first person he sees when returned home = His Daughter


*Recitative style (lament of the daughter)

*later 6 person chorus



Toccata No. 3

Comp: Frescobaldi – (mainly worked on instrumental music. esp, keyboard, harpsichord

Type: Toccata (a piece in improve-like style, but actually notated.

ornamentation changes in ryhthm and tempo, frequent cadences as in “improvinization” 


Ricercare after the Credo

Comp: Frescobaldi

Type: Ricercare


-very somber

chromatic line, mean tone tuning (aka keeping thirds perfectly in tune, not octave)

note values are longer

4 voices for organ

imitative polyphony



Sonata IV violin continuo

Comp: Marini (virtuoso violinist)

Type: sonata for violin and continuo

only an instrumental piece

takes full advantage of instrumental skills

monody texture