How is Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony unique and innovative?
Use of solo voices and a chorus finale.
How is the missa solemnis unique and innovative?
It is too elaborate for liturgical use and has five movements.
Identify Beethoven’s last two, large public works which seem to re-examine the traditions of their respective genres.
Missa solemnis, Ninth Symphony
How many movements are in the Pastoral Symphony and why is that unique?
Five movements, but normally a symphony has only three.
What is the programmatic name of Beethoven’s 6th Symphony?
The Pastoral Symphony
Name three works from Beethoven’s Middle Period.
Fidelio, The Pastoral Symphony, Fifth Symphony.
To whom did Beethoven originally dedicate the Eroica Symphony?
Who may be represented in Beethoven’s Eroica Symphony and why?
Beethoven and his struggle with deafness.
What does “Eroica” mean?
What is unique about Beethoven’s third symphony, The Eroica?
The “Heroic Symphony” was longer in duration than any previous symphony.
For what reason did the deafening Beethoven choose to not commit suicide?
For the sake of his art.
What document discusses Beethoven’s despair and struggle over his loss of hearing?
The Heiligenstadt Testament
How many symphonies did Beethoven compose?
How many piano sonatas did Beethoven compose?
Beethoven was a student of what famous composer?
What was the name of Beethoven’s only opera?
What was Beethoven’s 3rd period music like?
More introspective, complex, and appreciated mainly by music experts.
What were the dates of Beethoven’s Third Period?
What Beethoven Symphony premiered in 1805 to initiate the Romantic Era?
“Eroica” Symphony
An innovative level of drama and expression and composition in a more novel and ambitious style characterizes which of Beethoven’s periods?
Second Period
What were the dates of Beethoven’s Second Period?
How old was Beethoven when he began losing his hearing?
His 20s.
What were beethoven’s major accomplishments in his First Period?
mastered musical language and genres of the time and wrote two symphonies.
What were the dates of Beethoven’s First Period?
What were Beethoven’s birth and death years?
What was Beethoven’s nationality?
What is music that searches for new effects from the folk music of other lands and peoples?
What was the 19th century trend in which composers wrote music that evoked feelings and settings of distant lands or foreign cultures?
What was considered by Romantics as “Always and above all else is the music of a nation”?
Folk music
Industrialism was the primary force that shaped nineteenth-century Western culture. What impact did the Industrial Revolution have upon the music?
The industrial revolution made instruments widely available to the middle class, spurring a flurry of works for amateur players.
What was unique about the Paris Conservatoire, founded in 1795?
The first all-music school.
What direct impact did the French Revolutionary Government have upon music in France?
The French Revolutionary Government sponsored many music festivals to celebrate the revolution. The government also supported Opera and Opera Comique, but censored the works.
What were the dates of the Romantic Era?
What event initiated the Romantic Era?
Beethoven’s Third Period, begun by the premier of the “Eroica” symphony in 1805.
What were the dates of the Romantic Era?
What political leader was a Romantic hero for a time?
What mythological character was celebrated as a Romantic hero and what did he do?
Prometheus, who stole fire from the gods and gave it to men.
What musical attribute was elevated to equal status with melody, harmony, and rhythm during the Romantic Era?
Tone color
What generally specific thing does a Romantic hero do which is expressed through music?
Leads others from darkness to light.
How was emotion treated in the Romantic Era?
Emotion was celebrated irrespective of its consequences.