Who composed Quam pulchra es?
John Dunstable
Who composed De plus en plus?
Who composed Se la face ay pale?
Du Fay
Who composed Missa Se la face ay pale?
Du Fay
Who composed Missa prolationum?
Jean de Ockeghem
Who composed Ave Maria…virgo serena?
Josquin des Prez
Who composed Missa Pange lingua?
Josquin des Prez
Who composed Ein feste Burg?
Martin Luther
Who composed Pope Marcellus Mass?
Giovanni Pierluigi da Palestrina
What 2 genres are associated with Quam pulchra es?
Motet and Cantilena
What genre is De plus en plus?
What genre is Se la face ay pale?


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Although it does not adhere to the traditional aabC ballade form. 

From what part of the mass does Missa Se la face ay pale come from?
From what part of the mass does Missa prolationum come from?
What genre is Ave Maria…virgo serena?
From what part of the mass does Missa Pange lingua come from?
From what part of the mass does our excerpt of Pope Marcellus Mass come from?
What are the 4 voices that make up the texture of the polyphonic mass as seen in the 15th Century?





What is the mode that was outlined by Heinrich Glareanus?

This mass features movements which are linked primarily by sharing the same opening motive or phrase (called “head-motive”)

What mass is this?

Motto Mass
The leading music theorist of the 15th century. Wrote the Liber de arte contrapuncti.

Johannes Tinctoris

Flemish Composer (c. 1435-1511)

This compostional technique features 2 voices moving in parallel 3rds and 6ths and ending each phrase on an octavev, complimented by 1 other improvised voice sung in parallel perfect 4ths below the highest voice.

What is it?



This compostional technique uses chant as a middle voice and adds and upper voice moving a parallel 4th above the middle voice. The lower voice (“burden”) moves in parallel 3rds below the middle voice, to a fifth below to mark the beginning and ends of phrases.



A technique where 2 or more voices are derived froma single notated voice
Ein feste burg is a strophic hymn featuring what type of form?
Bar Form
What are the 4 main sources for Chorales?

1. Adaptions of Gregorian Chant

2. Existing German devotional songs

3. Secular songs given new words; type of contrafactum:a piece in which a new tect, usually sacred, is added topreexisting music.

4. New compositions.

Missa Se la face ay pale, Gloria is what type of mass?
Cantus Firmus
For how many voices was Pope Marcellus Mass written?

6 voices

1 soprano, 1 alto, 2 tenors and 2 basses

This composer spent time in the service of an English earl who was part of the forces occupying France during the hundred year war.



Composer of Se plus en plus

This piece is notated in 2 voices but sung in 4. What is the title and genre?

Missa prolationum, Kyrie by Jean de Ockeghem

genre: Mensuration canon: Voices move at different rates of speed by using different mensuration signs.