Igor Stavinsky’s “Rite of Spring” is scored for what kind of musical ensemble?
unusually large orchestra
What is the genre of “Rite of Spring?”
The 20th-century artistic movement that stressed intense, subjective emotion and used distorted sounds was called
20th-century classical music
Expressionism in music was largely centered in what 2 countries?
Austria and Germany
Was Schoenberg self-taught?
What university did Schoenberg obtain a teaching position at after he arrived in the U.S?
Schoenberg developed an unusual style of vocal performance halfway between speaking and singing, called
sprechstimme (speech-song)
What elements of American music are contained in Ive’s music?
polyrhythm, aleateric music, quarter tones
Was George Gerschwin mostly self-taught?
Aaron Copland’s “Appalacian Spring” was originally written for what genre?
What does the “front line” of the Dixieland jazz band play, melody or harmony? What are the instruments in the front line?
Melody; trumpet, trombone, clarinet
when did cool jazz emerge?
early 1950s
during the 1960s, was the popular music scene of rock and roll was alive and well in the U.S. even before the English form of rock and roll was introduced?
Yes, Rock and Roll originated in the United States in the late 1940’s
Which composer originated serialism?
Arnold Schoenberg
what is impressionism in music?
Stress is placed on tone color and fluidity. No sudden shifts in dynamic level. Ambiguous tonality is achieved through the use of parallel chord movement, whole-tone and pentatonic scales, and chromaticism.
Know something about dissonance. What is it? Why were composers interested in dissonance in the 20th century? Why wasn’t dissonance immediately accepted by the public
In music, dissonance is the quality of sounds which seems “unstable”, and has an aural “need” to “resolve” to a “stable” consonance.
What is the most important feature of atonal music?
Music that stresses harsh dissonance, fragmentation, unusual instrumental effects, and extreme registers.
What is Expressionism in music?
stressed intense, subjective emotion and attempted to explore the inner feelings and workings of the mind rather than outward appearances
What is Minimalism?
characterized by a steady beat, clear tonality, insistent repetition of short melodic patterns. Minimalist musical works develop and change slowly, gradually, and almost imperceptibly over time.
What is improvisation?
Stress is placed on tone color and fluidity. No sudden shifts in dynamic level. Ambiguous tonality is achieved through the use of parallel chord movement, whole-tone and pentatonic scales, and chromaticism.
What is call and response?
A succession of two distinct phrases usually played by different musicians, where the second phrase is heard as a direct commentary on or response to the first
In the Soviet Union, the most famous composer to suffer state oppression was
Which composer died the same year as Stalin?
Sergei Prokofiev
Which Russian composer wrote the film score for Alexander Nevsky 1938?
Sergei Prokofiev
The composer of Poeme electronique is
Edgard Varese
Does Poeme electronique include any live instruments?
No? Snare drum?
The composer of Black Angels is
George Crumb
Which family of the orchestra underwent the most growth and innovation in the postwar era?
Name the two artists featured in “If you Ever Been Down Blues”
Louis Armstrong and Sippie Wallace
The composer of Conga Brava is
What is the style of Out of Nowhere
Classic Crooner
What soloists are featured in Bitches Brew and what are their instruments?
Miles Davis, trumpet, Wayne Shorter, soprano saxophone
The composer of West Side Story is
Leonard Bernstein/Stephen Soundheim
. Name the new instrument that George Harrison used in Norwegian Wood
Was Rock and Roll a strong genre in the U.S. before the British invasion in 1964?
The leading composer of Ragtime in the early 1900’s was
scott joplin
Where did Jazz get its start?
new orleans
The earliest recordings of jazz, lasting only three minutes each, were referred to by people in the recording business as:…
race records
Conga Brava includes a dance rhythm of __________ origin.
Was Duke Ellington recognized as one of America’s most important composers during his lifetime?
Out of Nowhere is characterized as what jazz style?
Fusion is a combination of what two styles of music?
jazz and rock
One of the main sources of American popular music in the form of musical theater around 1900 was located where?
new york
Who played the instrumentals for Motown?
funk brothers
What does Motown mean and where did it originate?
motor city, detroit
Who is the father of soul music?
ray charles
Who is the father of funk?
james brown