AFM, AFTRA (sidemen) studio musicians and roadies
will make the record company add clauses to contracts
Fun Time
a part of a song no one in the group plays (extra)
Unfun time
when a band member can’t play their part so a session musician plays it instead
Union arrangers
doesn’t get triple scale
song writers
don’t get union scales
how long- tied to each release of each master
kill fee
pay or play (about $20k) (90-120 days)
singles and EP deals
more common in underground music
1/4,1/2pts. record sales / benchmarks
simultaneous release
protects against piracy
foreign deals
50% of u.s. deals
-needs to know everything about act
-label wants manager to know everything
-who needs to go w/ act on the road
— instrumental coach
–vocal coach
–hair and makeup
Cure clause
Which film is arguably homoerotic
velvet goldmine
Which film is about David Bowie
Velvet Goldmine
What lead singer experienced the hardest upbringing
Which film involved a suicide
Hardcore logo
Which film had a major supporting role played by Phillip Seymour Hoffman and what was that role
Almost Famous/Band Manager
What 2 bands broke up violently
Hardcore logo/commitment
which film involved a soul cover band
which film involved a Beatles cover band
that thing you do