Tympanic Membrane?
Ear Drum
What part of the ear captures sound and helps determine an object’s location?
What are the three bones that act as a mechanical “lever” called?
malleus incus stapes
What part of the ear explains why we are sensitive to mid-range frequencies?
ear canal
How does aural reflex work?
When loud sounds come in muscles tighten-reducing the movement of the osssicles preventing damage to choclea.
What is the purpose of aural reflex?prevents
prevents damage to chochlea
What is the function of the cilia
sound recepting hairs
9) Many people have an annoying condition known as tinnitus. Explain why these people constantly hear high pitched frequencies.
hairs constantly rub toghether
10) Which listening mode explains our ability to understand conversation?
? Semantic
11) Which listening mode allows us to understand the meaning or context of a sound?
13) Which listening mode provides a fundamental overview of the sound?
What does the Equal Loudness Curve illustrate?
It shows sensitivity of our ears and what frequency they can pick up
15) What frequency range are humans mos t sensitive to?
1 to 5 khz
16) What effect is most effectively reproduces sounds heard in a large cave?
17) Which effect most effectively reproduces sounds heard in a small room?
Reverberation or reflections
18) Which psychoacoustic principles describes why every instrument sounds unique?
19) What does the psychoacoustic principle “temporal delay” refer to?
Because ur head blocks mid range freq wich cause delay throuhg right and left ears
What is a “sound shadow ”
its when 2 instuments have the same intruments have the same pitch diff frequencys they canccel out .
21) When listening to music, loud frequencies may “cover up” softer sounds.Which psychoacoustic principles does this best describe?
Frequency masking
22) Which gestalt principle explains how we are able to distinguish the melody line from the drum beat in a song?
Figure and ground
23) Our minds associate sounds with objects. What psychoacoustic principle describes this?
24) What is a “beat frequency”?
Wen u take 2 tones each different freq 80 80.005 put em together make a wave
25) Drummers often experience a phenomenon in which their heart rates begin to match the tempo of the drum beat they are playing. Which psychoacoustic principle explains why this may occur
Bi neural beeats
What is the “Cocktail Party Effect?
the ability to follow one sound source out of many
27) Which category of musical instruments involves the striking, plucking or strumming of strings?
How do idiophones make sound?
Though vibrations
29) Which category of musical instruments involves beating, slapping, or hitting an a stretched animal skin or synthetic membrane?
Membrano phones
30) How do electrophones produce sound?
31) What produces the sound in an aerophone?
Tunnel of Air
tunnel of air
in the middle of freqs
low passe filter
High Pass filters
Band Pass
center section
50) The Theremin utilizes a concept called heterodyning in order to create sound.
Beat frequency created through the combintation of 2 ultrasonic frequencies
51) What type of synthesizer allows the user to physically patch multiple components together in unlimited combinations in order to create unique sounds?
Mod moogs
How many notes could a monophonic synthesizer play at one time?
53) How does a synthesizer work?
Through a series of sequential circuts
54) What is the “Harmonic Series”?
Over tones
mathematical relationship between fundamental and harmonics relationship is fixed fudamental frequency varies based on instrument
combination of fundamental frequency and harmonics creates timbre of instument
color of sound
uniqueness of instrument.
57) Which of the synthesizer components is the tone generator?
harmonic series oscillator
58) What are the basic analog synthesizer waveforms?
sine wave square wave triangle sawtooth
59) Which of the synthesizer components is used to remove harmonics from a sound
61) What is the function of an Envelope Generator?
affects the sound of a long period of time.
62) What is an LFO?
Low Freq oscillator
72) What is a quantization error?
the actual amplitude values are not exact they are approximation w e call this
73) According to the Nyquist theory, what is the highest frequency that a sample rate of 96 kHz can digitize accurately?
74) According to the Nyquist theory, what sample rate is needed to accurately record a frequency of 96 kHz?
76) What is the resolution of a Red Book audio CD?
77) What is the bit depth of a DVD-Audio disc?
When a violation results in sound distortion
79) High end DAWs use additional DSP cards to handle heavy processor functions such as effects. Which DAW system does this describe?
Host Based
80) Which DAW system utilizes a computer’s own processing power in order to process digital effects?
81) Many long discontinued synthesizers are being reborn as software emulations for desktop and laptop computers.
Virtual Instruments
84) What is a 3rd party plug-in?
Third Party Plug Ins
Plug Ins Developed by outside programmers manufacturers
85) What the basic plug-in formats used by DAWs?
HosT BAsed