What sound effect is a legacy?
The Willhem scream
Who used silence in their radio broadcast to portray realism?
Orson Wells
What does music portray in a film?
What do the sound effects portray in a film?
What is a motif?
Musical phrase or theme identifying a character.
Who developed the motif concept?
Richard Wagner.
Who is considered to be the “Master Of the Motif?”
John Williams
Who coined the term sound designer?
Walter Murch
Implicit is?
Implied by context of screen
Explicit is?
Stated clearly
Occur within the world of the character?
What are the two types?

On Screen and off screen

Non-diagetic is for whom?
The audience
What does adding reverb do to a scene?
Describes its acoustical space
What is the pricipal of the literal approach?
See a sound hear a sound.
What are the two types of hard effects?
Principal which are made for the project. And Editorial, which are everday sounds froma library etc. of sounds.
Whats the term for sound tied to primary action?
Hard Effects
On Set recording of sound is?
Productions sound, like room tone dialogue ambience etc.
What is a stinger or specific?
They make the ambience more realistic.
Who came up with foley?
Jack Foley
Three main elements of a sound track?
Dialogue, SFX and music.
Example of a non diagetic sound?
A similiar sound used in place of another like a bass drum instead of a heart beat.
What is Guided imagry?
Attempts to parallel images based on previous exposure to sounds.
An obvious and intentional exaggeration like a jack hammer for an elevated heart rate in a cartoon.
Compare an actual sound with an idea like spring time birds, wind etc, and life and rebirth.
Giving inate objects living traits.
Sound effects tied to the story that can be used subliminaly?
Direct narrative
Grammatical effect?
Ambience of the enviroment or etc., giving the context of the visual.
who are hard effects usually created by?
Lead sound designer
Archetypal sounds?
Sounds that we identify with on almost a universal level.