1. Which key flips the “rack” around to the back?
What type of device is the “Subtractor?
analog(type) polyphonic synthesizer
What type of device is the “NN-XT?
What type of device is the “Scream 4?
effects processor(sound destruction device
What type of device is the “Redrum?
” sequencer
What type of device is the “RV7000?
effects processor advanced reverb
What does it mean when an insert effect button is yellow?
Its there but not activated
What does it mean when an insert effect button is blue?
it is active
What does it mean if the EQ button on the mixer is green?
It is active
What does the following icon represent in Cubase SX 3.0? -o-
_I-o-_ What does the following icon represent in Cubase SX 3.0?
aux sends
–<>-What does the following icon represent in Cubase SX 3.0?
What is the keyboard shortcut key for the mixer in Cubase SX 3.0?
What is a “stereo split” file?
Separate sounds come from L + R
What is a “stereo interleaved” file?
Everything in both speakers
What is MIDI?
Musical Instrument Digital Interface
What is the relationship between MIDI and audio?
MIDI has no sound
Which MIDI port is designed to receive MIDI messages?
Which MIDI port is designed to send MIDI messages?
What are some basic applications for MIDI?
lighting/ cell phones
What is a MIDI device?
Transmits data between two digital devices
How many channels of information can MIDI send at one time?
What is a sequencer?
Records midi events lets u record play back and edit
Which MIDI message is used to start sound playback from a device?
Note on
Which MIDI message is used to adjust parameters such as volume, panning, and effects sends in real time?
Continuous control
In lecture, the course director discussed a new protocol that might be a successor to MIDI. What is this protocol called
What are the GM specs?
A list of instuctions to provide common ground between diff synth manufacturers
What was the name of the protocol that provided the basic building blocks for MIDI?
What are the names of the individuals that were most responsible for the creation of MIDI?
Kakehashi and Smith
What is an Alternate Controller?
Any non keyboard MIDI pickup
distortion EQ _Chorus/Flanger Reverb/Delay
Order of Sound Source
What is attenuation?
cutting signal gain
What is attenuation?
cutting signal gain
What is attenuation?
cutting signal gain
Which effects are typically used in the insert effect signal path?
Which effects are most commonly used in the aux effect signal path?
Time Based
How do Aux Effects work?
Allows blend of a wet and dry signals
How do Insert Effects work?
Put directly in path & making signal completley wet
What is Signal Flow?
Order signal passes throujgh diff pieces of gear
What is signal routing?
Determines path of signal
What is the function of the Mic/Line switch?
Switches between mic input and line level input on the channel strip
What are the 3 sections of a console?
Channel strip master section jackfield or patchbay
How does the routing matrix work?
Determines group master destination
What is gain staging?
Fine tuning volume between pieces of audio gear loud
What is gain staging?
Fine tuning volume between pieces of audio gear loud
What effect is used to restrict the dynamic range of a sound?
What is reverb?
number of reflections so up can be distinguished
The silophone audio clip played in class provides a good example of which type of reverb?
Acoustic chamber
52. ****The Paul Horn CD: Inside the Taj Mahal uses what type of reverb?
acoustic chamber
What effect may be used to silence a recording or instrument during very quiet sections?
Noise Gate
What effect may be used to make a brooks “babble,” the wind cry “Mary,” and lizards and snakes speak?
Talk Box
How does a “talk box” work?
Tube put in mouth that makes things talk by mouthing words
How does a “talk box” work?
Tube put in mouth that makes things talk by mouthing words
How is distortion created?
Boost in signal amplitude above threshold
What is the difference between a compressor and a limiter?
Allows signal to move past threshold. And a limiter doesnt.
60.what is the main difference between filters and Eq’s?
Eq’s cut and boost and filters only cut
61What is the difference between a Graphic and Parametric EQ?
Parametric eq’s are user definable and graphic have a fix frequency and narrow bandwith
How does a flanger work?
When signal enters it is spit and duplicated
How does a chorus work?
reproduces sound of a large ensemble
when split and duplicated one half remains dry and the other half is put through a delay circut
How does a phaser work?
When split and duplicated one half is put through an all pass filter and sent through a feedback loop
How do dynamic mics work?
Dynamic mics consist of a coil suspended in a magnetic field
How do Ribbon mics work?
Metal ribbon suspended in a magnetic field
How do Condenser mics work?
Contain two parallel plates one moveing and one stationary between which a small pocket of air is found.
Which mics are the most sensitive?
Which mic is the least sensitive?
Which mic is the most fragile?
How do shotgun mics work?
Extremely directional the more slots and tube length determines directionality
What type of microphone uses a reflector dish to focus sound waves?
Parabolic mic
What type of microphone captures reflections off a metal plate?
Boundary Mics captures reflective sound waves
What is the proximity effect?
Increased bass response as mic gets colser to sound source.
What is a polar pattern diagram?
Are diagrams designed to gibe engineers info regarding the microphones ability to capture sound.
What is a pop filter?
A screen to prevent certain consonant and the smacking of lips
cardioid_ Polar pattern
Looks like ass cheeks
_hyper cardioid polar pattern looks like
Ass cheeks with a bal on the end
shotgun polar pattern
looks like spider
_omnidirectional polar pattern looks like
regular outward circle
86. In which phase would “tracking” take place?
Which phase is the most important overall?
Pre Production
88.Which phase of production is considered the “planning” phase?
Pre Production
Which phase of production involves the editing and processing of recorded audio?
Post Production
90. Some audio engineers and sound designers like to create a chart of the sound elements in a mix. What is this chart called?
Sound Maps
What device is used to assist the synchronization of the audio and video?
92. Much of the dialog recorded on a film set is unusable due to noise. What is the process of re-recording this dialog called?
Automated Dialogue Replacement
……..Temp Dubs..
……..Temp Dubs..
93. While converting film to video for editing, a speed adjustment is necessary to maintain proper sync. What is the speed correction process called?
What is the purpose for spotting?
Organization, Detailed viewing of film to determine necessary SFX and Music
95. Sound effects are recorded live in sync with a picture. What is this process called?
What is Room Tone?
General Ambience of a location
What are Premixes?
Groups of audio tracks to make mixing easier
What are dailies?
Compilation of all footage recorded each day.
99. Major studio films are often release in foreign countries. The dialog is re-recorded by foreign talent. What type of mix is sent to these foreign studios?
M & E /Music and Effects mix.
100.According to the course director, what is the ratio of sound effects creation vs. implementation for the average video game?
What is a design document?
Contains All information Pertaining to game presented in “bible” format.
102.What does “implementation” refer to?
Where Sounds are needed and should be heard in games.
103. Which milestone best describes the following statement?

ALL SFX and music have been created and implemented

GOld Master
104.What are the SFX and music needs for the Beta milestone?
SFX are tweaked and massaged.Must be complete
105.Sound designers often use a restricted number of sound elements that may be combined together in order to make a more cohesive sound design. Which of the following does this best describe?
Alpha Stage