a. An Output jack on the back of the console (pre / post fader)

b. duplicates the signal and sends it out of the console

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– used for headphone (cue) mix in RECORD mode

– used for sending signal to external processors in MIX mode, creating an EFX Loop

channel path RECORD MODE
Mic Trim Insert AuxSend EQ Fader Pan




Multitrack Tape Recorder

– a recording destination, such as

1. analog MTR
2. digital MTR
3. ProTools hard disk recording system (MSV)

a. An Input / Output jack on the back of the console

b. Used for “inserting” processors into the signal flow path such as Compressors & Noise Gates

Mix mode = choose left or right

Record mode = choose odd & even tracks

– works in conjunction with routing matrix

Channel Fader
set to UNITY GAIN* in RECORD mode

– last gain stage of individual channel

UNITY GAIN – position of Fader (0dB)

* Unity gain means no change in level of signal.

a. first gain stage
b. pre-amplifier
c. used to set record level
Routing Matrix
a.k.a. “channel assignments”

Selects which group bus the signal is sent to. (1/2 3/4 L/R)

If no buttons are pressed, the signal flow will stop “dead in its tracks.”

Frequency = Pitch

* Range of Human Hearing = 20Hz – 20kHz (cycles per second)

* 3 Band EQ on Mackie. (Lows, Mids & Highs)

Low EQ (1 knob)
TYPE = shelving type

– Boost or Cut a fixed range of frequencies

RANGE = 80Hz and below

Mid-range EQ (2 knobs)
TYPE = semi-parametric or sweepable

– Boost or Cut a Fixed bell-curve width

– Adjustable center frequency of bell-curve within fixed RANGE

RANGE = 100Hz – 8kHz

High EQ (1 knob)
TYPE = shelving type
– Boost or Cut a fixed range of frequencies
RANGE = 12kHz and above
Direct Out
– A set of Outputs on the Mixer (*Channels 1-8 ONLY)

– Post (after) -fader

– bypasses the group bus and the routing matrix

Group Bus
a.k.a. Sub Outs

– A set of Outputs on the Mixer
– Last Gain Stage of console in RECORD mode
– Several channels can be routed to one or more group busses in the Routing Matrix

Ex: for “Sub” mixing
1 2 3 4 L/R

1. A processor that affects dynamics
(amplitude not frequency.)

Example: Compressor & Noise Gate

1. Reduces the dynamic range of an audio signal by a set ratio if its amplitude exceeds a threshold.

2. Makes Loud parts Softer

a. Threshold – determines when the signal is effected by the compressor

* The signal is effected above the threshold

b. Ratio – the amount of compression

Noise Gate
Goal = Reduce Residual Noise

– A Noise gate allows a signal to pass through only
when it is above a set threshold: the gate is open. If
the signal falls below the threshold no signal is
allowed to pass: the gate is closed.

*The signal is effected below the threshold

Fully-Parametric EQ
1.) Adjustable center frequency
2.) Boost or Cut
3.) Q = change width of bell curve
shelving EQ
all frequencies above or below a certain frequency are boosted or cut by the same amount.
generally means a parametric EQ that does not have a Q control (the Q is fixed)