What are some characteristics of the 18th century?

It was the age of enlightenment

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*rise of the middle class

*prosaic age

;;; ;; More lyrical, less meter

;;; ;; good taste not as ornimented

;; ;; animation

Musical Ideal

;;; ; universal language

;;; ; expressive but with boundaries

What are some characteristics of the Rococo period?

*Started in 1720

*Term used for archetecture that meant softened; angular squares with many curves

*Galant style- emphasis on melody. Freely using 7th and diminished 7ths accom. by simple melodies

*Emphansamkeit- ;sentimentality;; refined passion



Who can be contributed to the sonata form?
Beethoven, Haydn, Mozart
Facts about Domenico Scarlatti

Famous keyboard composer

Was the organist and composer for the Vice regal court

fame is in his 0ver 500 sonatas

Tried his hand in cross hand, and wide leaps

Was friends with Handel;

Who was C.P.E Bach? What was his Music

Born 1714;

Wrote music that would touch the heart and awaken the passions.

Wrote music abnormal for his day

First to use harmonic color;

Wrote the Magnificat;

Famous pieces: Wurttenburg sonatas and the prussian sonatas

Most famous for keyboard sonatas

Favorite keyboard instrument was the clavichord;

What is the Meinheim school of music

*consisted of abour 25-35 ppl

; *20 violins.4 each of violas, cellos, double basses
; 2 each of flutes, oboes, bassoon,4 horns
1 trumpet

known for its virtuosity

under the leadership of Johann Stamitz

What is the Vienna School of music?


started in the 1740’s

Home to Georg Matthias and Christoph Wagenseil

They wrote beautiful music that was pleasant, typically Viennese lyricism and good humor;

What is the Patronage system?

A composer would come and live with a wealthy family and would compose and perform music soley for their family and events

Usually for Royalty and high ranking officers;

Who was Haydn

What are his major works?;

born in Austria

Inventor of the String Quartet;

Employed by Prince Esterhazy

(Patronage system)

cared for the instruments and composed

Stayed with the family for the rest of his days

Famous pieces:

London Symphonies

The Seasons

; Die Schopfung
;; Die Jahreszeiten

He influenced Mozart;



Who is Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Child Prodigy at a very young age(5), was creating symphonies at the age of 9. Emotionally unstable, ran out of money quickly. Influenced by J.S. Bach and he influenced Beethoven
Classic Works
;;; Marriage of Figaro
;;; Don Giovanni
;;; Die Entfuhrung aus dem Serail;

What is the Significance of Clement?

Was called the father of modern piano playing

Was adopted by Beckford and brought to England

Had a musical duel with Mozart;

Who wrote the Eugology for the Prince of Prussia?

Who Was Beethoven and what works was he famous for?

Born in Vienna, influenced by Haydn and workd with him. Grasped the concept that emotion could be expressed through the music. Had three periods of writing:

1st: up to 1802- assimilating the musical language

2nd:1816- considered the independant years

3rd: after 1816- very retrospective

Famous Works:

Symphony no. 3 in Eb maj (Erocia)

The 9th Symphony;

Pathtique in Ab Maj.;


What does De Capo mean?
o;; ;Focuses on the solo singing
o;; ;Sticks with the I and V
o;; ;Single movement with a sonata-like tonal scheme
From the beginning