Mr. Holland’s son’s name and why?
Cole/ John Coletrain
Why did he lose his job?
Music program was being cut.
What gift did the principal give Mr. Holland and why?
Compass/for direction
Composer of big musical extravaganza with Rowena?
Who was Karl in this movie?
Beethoven’s son
Who was the immortal Beloved?
What piece was playing when Beethoven was running for his father’s beating?
No.9 or Ode to joy
Who narrated Immortal beloved?
How old was Mozart when he died and what are three things that may have led to his death?
35; Stress,Rheumatic Fever, Medicine
Who tells the story of Amadeus?
Who does the narrator blame for his inability to become famous?
The xylophone is also known as?
What instrument does the orchestra tune to?
What instrument ,if uncoiled, would be 16 feet long or longer?
Who wrote the tune used by Britten in Young Person’s Guide to the orchestra?
Henry Purcell