4 qualities of jazz by gridley
swings and improvs,
Follows jazz Tradition
What Genres were combined to make Jazz
Blues and Ragtime
What characterized Early jazz?
Collective improv,
Little Improv,
Lots of Clarient,
what year was the first jazz song recorded in?
who was the first to record on a full drum kit? What year?
Gene Krupa, 1927
Compare Beiderbecke to Armstrong
Beidebecke=Loose cool jazz sound, Solid
Name some Common early jazz instruments
Clarinet,Cornet, Tuba, banjo
Who were the three important Tenor players in the swing era?
Ben Webster,Coleman Hawkins,Lester young
Who was the all american Rhythm section?
Freedie Green, joe Jones, Walter Page, Basie
Who were the 4 major band leaders of the swing era?
Gene Krupa,Tommy Dorsey,Fletcher Henderson,Herman
1st Commerically successfull racially integrated band?Who were the members?
Benny Goodman band
Krupa, Goodman, Loinel Hampton, Teddy Wilson
Compare Swing and Early Jazz
Swing had more legit solos,
Set arrangments in swing,bigger bands,
String bass replaces tuba,
Sax much more common
Hit hats used more
smoother rhythmic feel in swing
who were the “Four Brothers?”
Stan Gets, Zoot Sims, Herbie stewart,Surge Challof
What characterizes Be Bop:
More emphasis on improv(Harmony not melody)
Small groups,
less on arrangments,
More chromatics,
k.clarke switched time from hi hat to ride
guitar was more of a solo instrument
Art Music
What characterizes Cool jazz?
Less about energy,
Sounds closer to swing sort of,
Laid back
Mostly West Coast
Less Bouncy
Musicians were cooler about it
Miles davis classic quintent consisted of:
Miles, Philly joe jones,Coltrane,Red Garland, Paul Chambers
Who was the father of modren Baritone playing?
Pepper Adams
What Defines Hard Bop
Greasy, Soulful Jazz
rythmic section drove the band
new composition rather then contrafacts
Where were most Hard Bop musicians from?
Detriot and Philly
What were the two most important clubs in BEBOP
Miltons play house
Monroes uptown house
Drummers duties:
Time, Colour
Pianos duties:
Colour, Harmony
Bass functions:
Time and Harmony