Modulate up a Perfect 5th





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V becomes I


Use a V/V which is a Major II





Modulate up a Perfect 4th




IV becomes I


continue to tonicize new key with ii6/5 V7 I prog.





Modulate up a Major 2nd





ii becomes i

continue to tonicize new key with ii6/5 V7 i or I prog.





Modulate up a M6th




vi becomes i

follow with a ii6/5 i6/4 V7 i 

or use the V7 to tonicize a major chord instead.





Modulate up a M3





vi becomes iv

iv belongs to a minor chord set, follow with a V7 to either i or I.






Modulate up a minor 6th



VI becomes I

The VI chord is borrowed from the minor version of the original key.


follow with a vi IV V I progression.





Modulate up a minor 7th






IV7 becomes V7

follow with a ii6 I6/4 V7 I progression







Modulate up a minor 3rd




Go to the IV then to a IV7/IV which becomes the V7chord of the new key.


(C F Bb7 Eb)





Modulate up a minor 2nd





use vi to the V7 in the new key.


(the V7 would be a German Sixth Chord)

I vi –> V7 I ii6 I6/4 V I






Modulate up a Major 7th






vii dim.6  I6 to V in new key 

(I6 is a Neapolitan)

(I  viidim6  I6 —-> V4/2  I6  ii6/5  V7  I)






Modulate up an Augmented 4th




use a viidim7.  


The SAME EXACT NOTES ARE USED in the viidim7

of the key an Aug 4th up, only the chord will appear to be in second inversion.  

(I viidim7 —> I  ii6/5  I6/4  V7  I)