Beethoven’s life was of very large importance to the Romantic Composers. He was the first to composer to write what (2 things)?
Wrote Lieder and First Song Cycle
Miniature Compositions convey?
Pointed emotion
Each piece is an individual unit, even if in a set. This phrase describes what pieces?
Miniature compositions
Lied (Plural- Lieder) is what?
A particular type of German song that evolved in the late 18th century and flourished in the 19th century
Characteristics of a Lied
-piano only
-piano and voice are often equal in importance
High art poetry
Intimacy of expression
-Inward, individual emotion expressed
-Intended for small performance space
Describe the accompaniment?
easy, repetitive piano accompaniment
Poem for Erlkonig written by?
Characters in the Erlkonig?
Song Cycle
Group of songs associated by a common poetic theme or story
Composer of Dichterliebe? Translation?
“Poet’s Love”
Characteristics of Schumann piano accompaniments.
Piano prelude and postlude
more advanced accompaniment
What is unique about “Im Wunderschonen Monat Mai” from Dichterliebe by Schumann?
No final cadence or resolution
“Die Alten, Bosen Lieder” (from Dichterliebe by Schumann) is written how?
Through Composed
Der Mond Kommt Still Gegangen is written by whom? What is the form?
Clara Schumann
Modified Strophic form
Character pieces do what?
Portrait a definite mood or character
Convey intense emotion
Usually have a programatic title
Moment Musical No 2 is written by whom? Form?
Franz Schubert
Who wrote Eusebius? What is it from? What is the double meaning of the title?
R Schumann
A collection of 20 piano pieces entitled Carnaval (Each iece represents a person at a masked ball)
Schumann’s pen name for his ‘dreamy’ side
Florestan was Schumann’s what?
Impetuous (impulsive) side
Schumann’s depiction of Clara at the masked ball (from Carnaval). His ex-girlfriend had a movement too.
Nocturne in F#, Op 15 was composed by who?
Frederic Chopin