Random Accents
What do we use in ambience sound design to break up the monotony and provide details in the ambience being designed?
Flatbed Editor
What is the name of the device that we use to edit the work print and mag stock when we are cutting on film?
Vehicle Work Up
A categorized list of sounds to be recorded for a vehicle during the field recording process.
Whenever we use a plugin, our outboard piece of gear that we may not have in other rooms were going to work on our sound designs in, we typically record down the sounds with the plugins/outboard gear written into the waveform. What do we call this process?
Topic Roll Cue
System of archiving field recording typically used for analog recording archival.
What is another term for the common clock, or house sync, we will use to make all of our gear have the same speed reference?
Heel To Toe
Which method of walking/running will help convey a sense of forward motion in the footsteps?
Linear Number System
In a professional sound design system used for Cd’s, DAT’s, and a modified version of which is used for computer audio archiving, is called the….?
What is the term for adding processed subconscious, and subharmonic elements to a sound design?
Skeleton Tracks
What are the templates called that we use for the backgrounds?
When we take elements of a sound design and combine them down according to their panning assignments, or simply bounce the whole sound down to a single 5.1 track. What do we call it?
GVG, CMX 3600, and Sony 9000 are all examples of what…?
Mag stock
What format do we find the production audio on while we are cutting on film?
What changes overlap by one frame?
24 FPS
What is the frame rate of motion picture film?
Cut Takes
What are the audio segments cut out of the production recordings that will NOT be used?
Scene Changes
What changes overlap by 2 frames?
Mid Ground
What perspective in ambience design is “in the room” with the character, and is less specific than the closest perspective, but still very detailed.
Sub Conscious
sounds that describe cognitive ideas, relate to emotional states, and can even describe temperature or color.
70 – 90 dB
At what is dialogue most intelligible?
Video Reference
At a Post facility we will have a common “clock” between all the devices we use. Some terms for this clock are House Sync and what…?
The Hips
When we cannot see a characters feet, what will we watch instead, to get an idea of where they are taking steps?
What is the framerate for audi recorded on the set while shooting a film (assuming that the recorder has timecode)?
We never fade ambiences we’ve recorded as they will be looped later, and adding fades simply reduces the amount of usable audio we have per loop.
Do we fade ambiences?