Kyrie, Gloria, Credo, Sanctus, and Agnus Dei
What are the 5 parts of Renaissance mass?
During the Middle Ages, where was the center of musical life?
Renaissance instrumnetal music was intended for what purpose?
Ars Nova
Where was syncopation used/emphasized?
Priests in the Middle Ages served multiple purposes. What were they?
Purify the music in Catholic churches
The Council of Trent met to accomplish what primary purpose(s)?
Venice, Italy
Where was the leading music center in the 1500s?
Renaissance era took place during 1450 – ?
Troubadours and Trouveres
Notated secular songs sung by French nobility where the ______ and ________
The Middle Ages jongleurs played instrumental dances and were the lower echelon of society (T/F)
The Gabrielli brothers and Willaert
16th century Venetian school was comprised primarily of what 3 composers?
What is the texture of Gregorian chant?
Musical representation of poetry
What is word painting?
The texture of Renaissance music is primarily what?
When was the golden age of a cappella music?
Love/Solo voices
The Renaissance madrigal is about what subject? For what voices?
One or more lines of melody
Organum was comprised of Gregorian chant and ______?
What group of people sang Gregorian chant?
The church _____ were the basic music scales.
The courts (kings/queens etc.)
Renaissance music shifted from the church to where?
Became weaker
How did the Catholic church’s influence change during the Renaissance from the Middle Ages?
Very important/Be able to read music
How did the aristocrats and the upper middle class view education? What were their expectations?
Accomplishments of man/humanity
What was secular humanism?
Council of Trent
What was the effort to purify Catholic Church music called?
Leonin and Perotin
Two Middle Ages composers were the first to notate measured rhythm. Who were they?
After 1150, where was the center of polyphonic music in Europe?
Medieval dance music
What is an estampie?
St. Marks/Lofts wide apart for intensified reverb
Venice’s musical center was where? What was unique about the choir lofts in the edifice?
Not for church/Soloists or groups/Sometimes
Name some important characteristics about Renaissance instrumental music. For what uses was it intended? Was it used to accompany vocal music?
What is the pear-shaped string instrument popular in the Renaissance?
Mass and Motet (M&M)
What are the two main forms of sacred Renaissance music?
Pope Gregory the 1st
Who is credited for having created Gregorian chant?
A motet for two or more choirs is called what type of music?
Knowledge about instruments used in church is mainly derived from what source?
Was most medieval music vocal or instrumental?
France and Italy/14th century
The Ars Nova occured where? During what era of time?
450 and 1450
Middle Ages music occured between the years ____ and ____
A Cappella
Choral music without accompaniment is called _ ______ music
Women were not permitted to sing where? They did sing in ______.
_____ vocal music contains more rapid shifts of mood than _____ music.
Renaissance music does not indicate tempos and dynamics, or the specific instruments or number of performers on a part. (T/F)
Outside of the church
Where did secular music and dance thrive?