Who was the Gregorain Chant named after?
Pope Gregory I
The Gregorain Chant was in ______ texts.
What are two main forms of sacred Renaissance music?
Mass and Motet
What is the Motet?
A polyphonic choral work set to sacred Latin text.
What texture is Ars Nova?
Polyphonic texture
Who was Guillaume de Machaut?
1300-1377, french musician and poet. very influential. He wrote secular music about LOVE. Best known for the Notre Dame Mass.
What is Ars Nova?
New Art
Who did Guillaume de Machaut fall in love with and Name the song he wrote for her.
Fell in love with Peronne, Song was called Since I am forgotten by you.
What texture is the Gregorian Chant in?
Monophonic Texture
The School of Notre Dame is known for what?
Measured Rhythm
What are the 5 sung prayers?
Kyrie,Gloria,Sanctus,Agnus Dei,Credo.
What are the years of the Middle Ages?
The Agnus Dei was based on ________.
Gregorain Chant
What is the Agnus Dei?
a prayer for mercy and peace
What is the mass?
The 5 sung prayers(Kyrie,Agnus Dei,Sanctus,Credo,Gloria), a polyphonic choral composition.
Out of the two main forms of sacred renaissance music which has a longer composition?
What texture is the Kyrie in?
Rich Polyphonic texture.
What meter is the Agnus Dei in?
Triple meter, symbolizes the holy trinity.
The Agnus Dei consist of what?
Hollow-sounding chords, full triads, and stark dissonances.
What is the “universal man”?
It meant that every educated person was expected to be trained in music.
What texture is Renaissance Music?
Chiefly Polyphonic
What is word painting?
Musical representation of specific poetic images.
Who competed for the finest composers?
Kings, princes, dukes.
The church remained an important patron of music, but what happen later?
Musical activity gradually shifted to the courts.
Who were regarded highly and held important positions through out Europe, but especially in Italy?
The Flemish Composers