What festival quollas performed?
Virgen de la Carmen (which breaks social norms and reverses them comparable to mardi gras)
Rake ‘n’ scrape(Caribbean); instruments; Compared to indigenous African music
Saw, accordion, goat skin drum, clave(double bell sound). Interlocking melodies/rhythm,buzzy timbre, ostenati (Repetition), indefinate length, improv after establishment.
carribean influence, marimba, interlocking parts, ostenato, syclic form, structure, never know when piece is over, hours and days of music, circularity, basic grooves and riffs, trance, social dance, spanish infuence also, 18/19th century, frilly spanish dresses
Rake ‘n’ Scrape; Bohemian Religion
Rake ‘n’ scrape v. Pop
guitar, bass, back up (doo wop) vocals,
steel drum samples, sugundo (basic pattern), promero (improv) Ex. “Go” – Aziatic
Promero (Rake ‘n’ scrape)
Pow wow
Pan-American Ritual
Function of Pow wows
oral tradition, social, gender norms, religious, ability to integrate society, integrate ceremony and events, supernatural, dancers, vendora
Pow wow example
Characteristics of Plain indian music
Decending plateau melody, hyper male sound, pulse on a pitch using vocables and tense, honor beats (offbeat), drummers do not wear anything special, sounds native, but looks like a regular american, but dancers look intensly sterotypical
Plain Music V. Eastern Indian Music
long plateaus, simple phrases; shorter many phrases, modular, no drums in beginning, pitch is low and starts low, call and respinse(hocket, faster call and response)
How Plain Indian music influenced all the indian music with Exception to eastern Indian.
Buskars (Ande Mestizo)
Street performers, bring music to people and appeals to tourism
Son (Ande Mestizo)
Song and dance
lyrics style about love and playful and bragging (all male), double entanderes (la bomba as an example)
violin(no vibrato), different guitars, yodel, flip to falsetto… (voice timbre), guitarist switch off vocal lead, homophonic
Rake ‘n’ Scrape examples
“Ine askin fa much” – Ancient Man, “No, doctor, no” – Mighty Sparrow
Huasteca Example
“El Gustito”
Aymara Example
“Manuelitas” (lento)
Virgen de la Carmen Festival Music Examples (Andes, Peru)
Qollas, Chunchos, Saqras