What are the names of the six eras of classical music and their approximate time periods?
Middle Ages: 400-1400
Renaissance: 1400-1600
Baroque: 1600-1750
Classical: 1750-1820
Romantic: 1820-1920
Twentieth Century: 1920-present
What is style?
The characteristics that set apart the music of one historical period from another.
When did written music appear?
8th or 9th century
Who were the keepers of medieval literature and music?
Monks aka scribes
Define liturgical music
Has to do with Religious Mass
Define sacred music
Religious but tells a story from the bible
Define sacred music
Religious but tells a story from the bible
Define secular music
Not religious
What is polyphony?
Music with more than one line or part sounding at the same time
What is another name for plainchant
Gregorian chant
For whom was the liturgical music named?
Pope Gregory
From what language are modes named?
What name is given to the melodic system of the Medieval Era?
List the names of the six modes
Dorian, Phrygian, Lydian, Mixolydian, Aeolian, Locrian
What name was given to the notes in Medieval music manuscripts?
Describe manuscripts
Made of animal hides called vellum. There were four lines to a staff and they were red.
What language is Kyrie Elieson written in?
In what langre most of the Gregorian chants written?
Who were troubadours?
Male poet/musicians that composed songs for the aristorcratic courts of southern France
Who were Trobaritz?
Female poets/musicians
Who is Phillipe De Vitry?
Wrote the first music theory text.
Who is Guillanme De Machant?
Wrote the earliest known complete setting of the ordinary of the mass written by a composer