Cultural influence. Term refers Portuguese influence on Brazil, inclusive of Iberian influence, ie. Singing in parallel thirds.Harmonies and stringed instruments as well. Important melodies/ children’s songs
Cultural Influences. Northeast Brazil, West African population shift. Slavery,Lasted longer until 1888. 4.5 million brought over.
First wave of slaves from DRC, then West Africa. Half of population of African descent. Song influence: Percussion, Afro-Brazilian religion, dance, call and response.
cultural Influence. How strong was their influence and about a half-million people. o less abominate than other influences, less studied
o less than 1000 groups that existed (220 remain today)
o ? million people
o cell – like short motif instead of themes in music. sancritize of cultures/ fusion
Flutes, percussion, pentatonic, cell-structure “short” motifs
Heitor Villa-Lobos. fusion of the indigenous with the Portuguese, indigenous with the Spaniard, indigenous with the Black African, Portugues with the Black African, Spaniard with the Black African, and all of this with the Black Brazilian