an adaptation of a composition for different instruments than the composer originally intended
the high part(s) in vocal or instrumental music
treble clef
the clef usually used for women’s voices, high instruments, and the right hand on the piano
technique of repeating a note very quickly
an embellishment or ornamentation achieved by rapid alteration of two adjacent pitches
trio sonata
sonata for two soloists with basso continuo (cello and keyboard)
triple meter
meter that organizes pulses into groups of three
Italian: “all”; used in a passage where all the performers of a group are to play or sing at the same time
twelve-tone music
a trend in musical composition in which the composer uses all twelve tones of the chromatic scale equally
all instruments or voices play or sing the same note or melody
a small, rapid variation in pitch used by performers to add emotional quality and warmth to a tone
a performer with outstanding technique and musical ability
tempo marking meaning “quick, lively”
a dance form in triple meter with a strong accent on the first pulse
whole step
two half steps
whole tone scale
a seven note scale comprised entirely of whole steps
word painting
using music to express a literary idea; for example, using a minor chord during the singing of the word “pain” !!!!!!hahahahahahaha!!!!!!