Bix wanted to be remembered for his composition entitled?
In a mist
First major drum set soloist was?
Gene krupa
Important night club in the late 1920s feathered black entertainers and white audiences
Cotton Club
Hell Hound on my trail is a typical blues we have heard because?
His phrases are unmeasured
Who played at the famous club in herlem
Duke Ellington
Duke Ellington’s jungle sounds because of
“bubber” miley and his plunder mute
Slaves permitted to congregate and dance in a place called
Congo Square
Feature white performers
Minstrel Shows
Brubeck is associated with which musical concept
mixed meters
MJQ has as its instruments
now horn players
Monk used which of the following compositional devices
Rhythmic development
Process of keeping the melody intact but changing underlying harmonies
Concept of reharmonization
art tatum
Bakers solo style can be described as
contrapuntal with Gerry mulligan
Monk’s small cell development, taking a few notes and doing something interesting
Straight no chase
Nonet =
9 players
Birth of cool tune boplicity included
french horn and tuba
Lester young was influential on the saxophonists in which period of jazz
cool jazz
Percussionist chano pozo was heard on
Cubanobe Cubanobop
Blue rondo is a la turk example of
cross rhythm
2 ways to count the pulse in blue rondo a la turk
super metric
Ragtime considered
piano genre
Jumpin at the woodside
is a Riff based composition
Swing period due to addition of Freddie Green and walter page
Stride disappeared
Django’s group to be unidiomatic
Development of melodic chromaticism
Most important race record label
First outstanding European jazz
More than on version of a song
alternative takes
Christian was one of the first musicians to make use of
One characteristic of bebop
Melodic chromaticism
Birdlane bluc in New York name after
Charlie Parker
Guitarist incorporated a violin
Bebop players wrote new tunes with new titles based on the existing chord changed of popular songs for copyright reasons
Charlie parker had an addictive personality
Art tatum group was called the quintette de hot club du france
Bebop musicians wanted to move from being artist to successful, well-paid entertainers
The night priest of bop, monk, played through a combination of clusters, phrasing, and pedaling as if he could bend notes
Duke Ellington voiced across sections of the band
Ellington limited himself to writing one version of each piece
Ellington’s first band was called the Washingtonians
Armstrong and his red hot peppers were in direct competition with joe “king” oliver’s band
Django was the first guitarist to use amplification
Armstrong was investigated by FBI in selma
Count Basie played at the cotton club in the late 1920’s
Bix played with an exuberant, exciting sounds and approached to the music
Standard group of the bebop period was the big band, 5 saxes, 3-4 trombones, 3-4 trumpets and 4 rhythms
Monk was the first jazz musician to introduce afro Cuban
Changing melody and title didn’t change chords is illegal because of copyrights
Concert for Cooties written for
Cootie Williams
Bix is important as the first
white jazz musician
Bass line of quarter notes played on the pulse is called
walking bass line
Concept known as the golden section is base on a sequence of numbers
the fibonaccie series
Ragtime is considered to be a genre that features
AABBACCDD is an example of the
military march/ragtime
What were Bix Beiderbeckes three periods?
Wolverines with Hoagy Carmichael
Frankie Trumbauer
Paul Whiteman
What doesn’t belong in bebop?
bass vs. reed
Frankie Trambaur belongs to which period?
Early Jazz
Who wrote I Got Rhythm
George Gershwin
What song is an example of golden section
Warm Valley
Ragtime does not
Term applied between 1921-1942 to recordings made especially for African American listeners
race records
Who wrote “Black Bottom Stomp? Where was it recorded?
Red Hot Peppers
The swing period was based heavily on?
dance music
Swing was played on all four beats instead of
Who were important soloist in Duke Ellingtons band?
Bubber Miley – trumpet
Cootie Williams – trumpet
What is the golden mean?
The first racially integrated band
Benny Goodman quartet
Which guitarist took long solo lines
Charlie Christian
Who introduced the violin to jazz? How many fingers did he play with?
Slam Stewert played
solo style
What is a Tritone substation?
Who made it?
you can take any dominate chord and substitute as long as its a tritone
Coleman Hawkins
Clarinets were important in which period
Who was the first ad most important bop trumpeter?
Dizzy Gillespie
What was Duke Ellingtons first band? What did the critics called it? why?
Jungle Music
Bubber Miley use of the plunger mute and growl
Who discovered the golden section?
Why was Benny Goodman and his quartet so important?
First racially integrated band