Missa cujusvis toni
Ockeghem, can be sungin mode 1, 3,4 or 7. Reading the music according to one of the four different clef combinations and using musica ficta to avoid tritones.
Missa Prolationum
Ockeghem, notated in two voices but sung in four, using the four prolations of mensural notaiton.
Innsbruch ich muss dich lassen
Henricus Isaac, melody is in superius. Clear structure and sweet harmony made it very appealing. Favors contrafactum
The first published collectino of music for virginal, containing variations, dances, preludes, fantasias, and other genres by William Byrd, John Bull, and Orlando Gibbons.
The best-known, first dance treatise of the Renissance by Thoin Arbeau (Jehan Tubouret)
Triumphes of Oriana
A collection of 25 madrigals by 23 composers. In honor of Queen Elizabeth the first.
Lament in memory of Ockeghem, by Jean molinet, set to music by Josquin des Prez.
Choralis Constantinus
three volume cycle of settings of the texts and melodies of the Proper for most of the church year, by Henricus Isaac.
Genevan Psalter, Sternhold and Hopkins, Bay Psalm Book
Books of metrical psalms. Bay Psalm Boo kwas the first book published in the North America (by the pilgrims)
Sonata pian ‘e forte
one of the first instrumental ensemble pieces to designate specific instruments and also contained the earliest dynamic markings in music by Giovanni Gabrieli
Pavana Lachrymae
An example of English variation technique, based on Dowland’s lute song, Flow my tears. By William Byrd.
El Maestro
Collection of fantasias for vihuela by Luis Milan
Musica Transalpina
Music from across the alps, Italian Madrigals translated into English by Nicholas Yonge.