Clement Janequin
French composer. Most famous for his descriptive chansons, which feature bird calls, hunting calls, street cries, sounds of war. La Guerre (war) most famous chanson.
Claudin de Sermisy
16th century French composer wrote several chansons, very popular reprinted for decades and adapted into many new forms.
Nicola Vicentino
Composer and theorist, proposed reviving the chromatic and enharmonic genera of Greek music in his treatsie, L’antica musica ridotta alla moderna prattica. Arcicemlralis micro tonal keyboard.
maddalena Casulana
First published female composer, considered first professional woman composer.
Thomas Tallis
Most important mid 16th century English composer. Spem in alium (40 voices). Works encompass Latin masses and hymns, English services music, and other sacred works that reflect the religious and political upheavals in England during his lifetime.
William Byrd
Leading English composer during the 16th century, he composed in all the forms on Anglican church music, including a great services, three short services, psalms, full anthems, and verse anthems.
Thomas Weelkes
English Poet and composer, he wrote many popular madrigals based on his own poems, including As Vesta was.
Jean Antoine de Baif
French poet, co – founder of the Academie de Poesie et de Musique. Write strophic French verses in ancient Greek and Latin meters. Baif Pleiades – group of 7 poets
Carlo Gesualdo
Wrote chromatic, madrigals. Murdered his wive and her lover.
Marhcetto Cara
Italian Renaissance composer and lutenist of frotolla in Mantua.
Bartolomeo Tromboncino
Italian Renaissance composer of frotolla, infamous for murder of his wife after discovering her affair, similar to Caro Gesualdo.
Adrian Willaert
Founder of Vemitian School. One of best known 16th century Flemish composers.
Jacobus de Kerle
Flemish composer and organist. Commission’s by the council of Trent to save polyphony.
Styllistcally he was the first in Western music history to be consciously preserved and studied as a model. Music Palestrina
Orlando di Lasso
Cosmopolitan composer, very well traveled. His over 2000 works reflect a variety of traditions, especially Franco – Flemish and Italian madrigals. Wrote La nuict froide et sombre.
Tomas Luis de Victorian
Most famous Spanish composer of the 16th century. All his music is sacred and intended for Catholic services.
Hans Leo Hassler
Leading German composer of the late Renaissance. Wrote famous contrafactum. Studied with Andrea Gabrieli in Venice and then held various posts in Augsberg, Nuremberg, Ulm, and Dresden. Lutheran chorales to Latin masses and motets for Catholic services, secular partsongs in German and Italian, and pieces for instrumental ensemble and keyboard.
1st Requiem. Extended vocal ranges downward.