“Los Diamantes”


Place:                  Colombia

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Instruments:         Harp, bandola llanera

“Catalina danza”


Place:           Colombia

Genre:          vallenato

instruments:  accordian, guacharaca (scraper)


“Cumbia Cienaguera”


Place:               colombia

Genre:              cumbia, musica costena

Instruments:      accordian




Place:                  Andes

Genre:                 Dry season music

Instruments:        sikus (one row pan pipe)

musical elements: hocketing

“Achimbaloma cayadora”


Place:            Andes

Genre:           conjunto

Instruments:  charango, bass, zampona



Place:          Chile

Genre:         cueca

Instruments: harp

“Que Pena siente el Alma”


Place:              Chile

genre:              nueva cancion

person:            Violeta parra

“Plegaria a un Labrador”


Place:          Chile

Genre:         nueva cancion

Person:        Victor Jara



Place:           Argentina

genre:          tango

Person:         Carlos Gardel

” Muerte del Angel”


Place:           Argentina

Genre:          nuevo tango

Instruments:  bandoneon

Person:         Astor Piazzolla

“Song for Iemanja”


Place:          Brazil

Genre:         candomble

Setting:       festival for Orixa Iemanja



Place:          Brazil

Genre:         capoeira

Instruments: berimbau

“Pelo telefone”


Place:            Brazil

genre:          first recorded samba

Setting:          Carnival music

“Manifestacao Do Povo”


Plae:          Brazil

Genre:        Carnival syle samba

setting:      Manueira, oldest still competing sambaschool

Instruments: cavaquinho, bateria instruments

“Chega de saudade”


Place:             Brazil

genre:             bossa nova

People:           Jobim and Moraes