Mechanical License
Negotiating with publisher or agent of publisher (Harry Fox); legal permission given by the writer/publisher to make a commercial recording of copyrighted music
compulsory mechanical license
procedures/fees set forth in copyright law (9.1c)
negotiated mechanical license
publishers and record label bypass compulsory licensing and work out their own license
Performance License (small right)
issued by performing rights organization (ASCAP BMI SESAC) to radio stations, TV, MTV, clubs hotels, colleges
blanket license
granted by performing rights society to licensed venues, usually for one year, covers all music
source license
negotiated between broadcasters and publishers, bypasses performing rights organizations; single fee for performance and synch rights. fee is for small portion instead of entire catalog
Synchronization License
right to use music timed to, synchronized with, or realted to the action on the screen. films shown in US require both sync and performance license is negotiated with publisher (not performing rights society)
Trasncription License
music used by syndicated programs. in-flight entertainment, music library services; requires both mechanical and performance license, may be in one agreement or seperate contracts
Special Use Permit
negotiated with publisher; musical greeting card, toys and dolls, lyrics used in books, highest earning in a broadcast commcercial
Jukebox license
negotiated with jukebox operator, copyright owner, and involvement of the performing rights society. JLO contacts jukebox owners and offers blanket license covering music from all three performing rights organizations
Cabel Television License
issued and administered by copyright office, secondary transmissions use compulsory licenses for MTV HBO shotime are negotiated through performing rights organizations
Dramatic Music right (grand right)
negotiated directly with publisher (performing rights organization not included) operas, musicals, shows, revenues