made up of a repeating pattern of black and white keys(52 white keys and 36 black keys).
Visual symbols for sound. The most common notation is the fixed treble and bass clefs with modern pitch notation therein. The notation of music has undergone several transformations since the first visual symbols for music were invented, c. 500 B.C.
Used to describe our perception of how high or low a sound is
Adjacent Keys
A half step; a minor second; the smallest interval in the system of Western music.
Non-Adjacent Keys
Two semitones make up a whole tone, also called a whole step. The smallest pitch difference between non-adjacent keys is a whole step or tone.
Enharmonic Pitches
Two pitches that sound the same, but have different names (g sharp/b flat)
The distance of eight letter names (a-g)
Middle C
Octave Register
C to C – start with C1 (first C on keyboard) and ends with C8 (last C on keyboard) – keys identified by octave they are in (B3, C4, F5, etc).