Male and female priests in Cuba, call and response, heavy on percussion
West African deities, each has its own song, dance, color, etc.
Gourd With Beads
Bata Drums
Comes in sets of three, came from West Africa
Music from Cuba, talks about political mistreatment of blacks, started in Havana
Punto Cubano
Duel Improvization, sung by guajiros, guitars and mandolin instruments
Simple chord progression, talks about the beautiful Cuban countryside
Celia Cruz
Only famous woman in Cuban salsa,
Infamous couple dance, Opera Carmen,
Cuban Son
Most popular music in Cuba, BONGO drum, first working class music, first black music to be recognized. Combines European and African instruments
Arsenio Rodriguez
Cuban Son, bandleader of Tres Players,
Ruben Blades
Panama Salsa, Pedro Navaja, verrry famous
Soul of the barrio, lyrics about love and the barrio lifestyle,
Willie Colon
Salsa composer
Hector LaVoe
Puerto Rico Salsa singer, Periodico de Ayer
Tito Puente
Nuyorican, Timbales
Damaso Perez Prado
Cuban Mambo