Symphonic Poem. What is it? Who created it?
One movement orchestral composition with a program in a free musical form
Liszt created the first tone poem.
Romeo et Juliette was composed by whom?
There was a quest to create Nationalistic music in the late romantic era. How?
-Composers incorporated folk songs into their music
-Separate and different from traditional western music
Who were the mighty 5 (Also known as Kuchka)?
Five Russian composers dedicated to creating Russian nationalist music
Why did Musorgsky’s music become popular after his death?
Because it was re-orchestrated by other composers.
Who wrote Pictures at an Exhibition?
Modest Musorgsky
What were some characteristics in Russian nationalistic music?
-Odd meter
Symphony No. 1 by Mahler has a few identifying musical characteristics. What are they?
-Use of Frere Jacques
-Klezmer music