These buses are often used for the headphone mix
Bus 27-28
How do you give a musician playing X instrument more volume of him/herself in the headphone mix?
– Find the X instrument track
– Find Sends panel
– Find the aux send for the room where the musician is tracking X
– Raise that fader
How do you give the vocalist less of the band?
– Find vox track, click on the send to the vox isolation area, raise that fader
How do you place a headphone mix on all tracks?
Hold down the option key while choosing a send that goes with the headphone mix (such as Bus 27-28); this will place that send on all tracks.
How do you locate the FMP button?
Locate this by clicking the “send” rectangle graphic, then look to the right of the “safe” and “pre” buttons.
What should you remember when adding sends (such as headphone mixes) to additional tracks?
Copy sends from mono tracks to mono tracks, stereo tracks to stereo tracks.
4 steps to set up a talkback channel?
(not totally sure this is correct–check)
1. Find the Talkback Aux track
2. Give it a stereo input, like Console 23+24R
3. Run a T cable from the patchbay that goes with that input to console patchbay 32 “Channel Out,” sending the talkback audio to channel 32 on the soundboard
4. Set the physical console fader to about -5 dB
What patch does Console 23+24R go with on the console patchbay?
Patch 24
How do you set up a headphone mix for someone recording in the drum room, for example?
Cabinet patchbay/Pro Tools Out 27-28 <<2 T cables>> Cabinet patchbay/Drum room patchbay 11-12
drum-patchbay 11-12 <<2 XLR cables>>
L/R on back of headphone amplifier in drum room
What do you need to do before you can use the headphone amp in the vox booth as a headphone monitor?
Turn it on and set to Record to use it as a headphone monitor.
Where are the T cables kept?
These cables are kept hanging by the computer monitor.
Where are the mic cables kept?
These cables are kept hanging on the drum room wall by the fan room.
What must you do before turning on the power supply for the bass mic in the control room?
Make sure all the bass mic cables are connected before doing this.
When preparing to track bass in the control room, what setting must always be enabled? what must be disabled?
While setting up the bass track in the control room, the bass track should have its mute button ON. Its record-enable button should be OFF.
What tape send does Console 3+4L go with?
Tape send 3
What do you have to be careful of when setting up SPR tom mics?
These mics fall off their clips easily.
What should you remember when setting up overhead drum mics?
Overhead drum mics should be positioned so as not to get hit with the cymbals.
When should the green I be ON?
When should it be OFF?
– ON when people are checking their signal before tracking (also OK while tracking)
– OFF when playing back a track that’s in Record mode
What should you always check before starting recording?
Check Disk Allocation
How do you turn an onscreen plug-in dial UP?
How do you turn it DOWN?
UP: drag cursor up over the dial
DOWN: drag cursor down over the dial
Where is the Melodyne plug-in located?
Inserts > RTAS plug-in > Other > [HERE}
When recording a ruf mix back into Pro Tools, what must you do to the incoming track BEFORE recording?
Mute the incoming track beforehand.
3 steps to export a ruf mix?
1. Highlight the entire audio region
2. Command + Shift + K
3. choose (or create) a rufs folder within that person’s project folder as destination
Do this to drag a COPY to another location
Option + Drag
Turn on/off Quick Punch Mode (2 methods)
1. Numeric Keypad 6
2. Command + Shift + P
Control plus up or down arrow
Keyboard shortcut for toggling through track height options on selected track
Move cursor to previous edit seam or transient
option + tab
Return a fader to default value
option + click the fader
Put all tracks into Record Mode
option + Record
How to hide track and/or make inactive
Right-click on track name for a pulldown menu with these options
Shortcut for importing session data
option + shift + I
Shortcut for zoom in or zoom out
command + [ or ]
shortcut for the smart tool/MULTI TOOL
shortcut to start recording (or start AND stop, if in Quick Punch mode)
shortcut to export highlighted track to disk
Command + Shift + K
How to disable the reverb
Command + click on the bus that goes with the reverb
4 types of aux tracks in a typical session template?
1. stereo reverb; 2. click; 3. talkback; 4. headphone mixes
Aspects of session data you import using option + shift + I?
Millennia HV3D channel 1 goes with what patch on the cabinet patchbay?
# 9 on cabinet-patchbay/ Millennia HV3D
Take these 2 steps before listening back to takes
1. Take all tracks out of Record mode
2. Turn off the green I
What 2 things must happen before it’s safe to disconnect mic cables?
1. Turn off phantom power to the mic
2. Turn off the mic’s power supply
What reverb is typically used while tracking?
TDM Reverb
Where is TDM Reverb located?
Insert A > TDM > Reverb > Reverb compact stereo
Buses that reverb typically goes on
Bus 1-2
Where you find the Click plugin
Insert A > TDM > Instrument > [HERE]
Where the T cables go from/to when setting up an overall stereo mix
Mix L to tape send [odd #] and Mix R to tape send [even #]
If the stereo mix is being sent to tape sends 15 and 16, when what inputs do you use in pro tools for it?
Input = Console 15+16
Keyboard shortcut to turn Group A on and off
Letter “a” on keyboard
How do you edit a track that’s been Melodyned?
1. Record the Melodyned audio into a new track
2. Make any fades and cuts in the new track
Change something on all similar SELECTED channels
Option + shift + make change
Stop recording and discard take
Command + period
Move playback location back OR forward
Command + Rewind OR Command + Fast Forward
Disable Record mode
Command + click Record Enable button on a track
Disable Solo mode
Command + click Solo button on a track
Slip mode shortcut
Grid mode shortcut
Selector tool shortcut
go to song start shortcut
Control + Return
nudge commands
+ or – on numeric keypad
shortcut to create a new track
Command Shift N [apple shift N]
Group selected tracks
Command G [apple g]
shortcut to duplicate track
option + shift + D
Suspend groups
command + shift + G
mute a region
apple + M
view entire session
double-click zoom tool
How to put selected tracks into Record mode
1. select tracks by shift-clicking on them
2. shift + option + click Record enable button on 1 of these selected tracks
shortcut for Grabber tool
shortcut for Trimmer tool
Record-enable multiple tracks (pro tools 8 new feature)
with tracks selected, Shift + R
How to place cursor at the BEGINNING or END of a selected region
BEGINNING: down arrow
END: up arrow
In Pro Tools 8, where do you click to change the track height?
The vertical bar between the level indicator and the timeline window. For audio tracks, it’s a ruler, for MIDI tracks, it’s a keyboard graphic.
Use this menu to adjust the time, tempo, or meter of a song?
Event menu
Use this menu to access Disk Allocation
Setup menu
what input does a click track have?
this kind of track has no input
does a click track get a mono or a stereo output?
stereo output
if a plug-in or setting is bypassed, how does it appear?
it appears grayed out
When record-enabling all tracks, what must you make sure to do first?
Make the stereo ruf track either MUTE or INACTIVE
Do this to rename a track.
Control + click on track name and select “Rename” from the dropdown
Where do you select a bus?
this is found under input or output, depending.
2 ways to bypass a plug-in?
1- click bypass in the plugin window
2- command + click the plug-in name in inserts panel
Keystroke to edit groups
Control + Command + G
When there’s a group that you do want to include in playback, but don’t want to record-enable along with all the other tracks, what should you do to that group of tracks?
Set these grouped tracks to no input
When importing session data for the first time in a day, what should you do to make sure audio doesn’t import as well as track setup?
In the Import dialogue box, deselect Import regions and playlists from the pulldown menu at the bottom right
Is it possible to record-enable a group of tracks with a keystroke?
Yes, if you set the groups preference to enable group record-enable under “globals” in the groups dialogue box. However, the default is to manually record-enable the tracks in a group, which can be done with the mouse or the Command 8.
how do you quickly locate the solo of a song (duh)?
look for the space between where the vox audio stops and starts again
How do you change the meter of a song?
Event menu > Time Operations > Change meter
What 3 basic things do you need to set in the Echo Farm plug-in before using it?
1. Set the type of echo (like Deluxe Memory Man)
2. Set the tempo to match the song’s tempo
3. Set the echo duration (either quarter notes or eighth notes, usually)
how else can you turn off the click during recording, if you don’t want to use the mouse?
mute the click track channel on the Command 8 on the
How do you view different sets of channels on the Command 8? How do you move in groups of tracks instead of individual tracks?
Hit the right and left arrow buttons on the large wheel. To move R and L in groups of tracks, hit the Bank button.
8 steps for setting up a mic that needs a power supply?
1. Connect mic via 7-pin (or other cable) to power supply’s input.
2. Connect XLR cable from power supply output to patchbay in room where recording is taking place, or directly into preamp if in control room.
3. Connect power supply to wall outlet.
4. Finish connecting patchbay to preamp to patchbay to console to pro tools input.
4. Recheck to make sure all cables are connected.
5. Turn on power supply.
6. Turn on phantom power on preamp.
7. Let mic warm up.
8. Record-enable and have musician play to make sure there is signal.
what should you do to the vox track when tracking overdubs?
lower the vox volume to -10 dB or so
name some things you should check when creating a new session.
1. disk allocation
2. bit depth and sample rate (24/96)
what is the proper ratio of bit depth to sample rate for most professional tracking sessions?
keystroke to move cursor to the next edit seam or transient
keystroke to separate a region
Command + E
what’s a way to make sure you are tracking overdubs on the correct take?
mute the previous takes so only the current one is showing.
what do the #s on the bottom of the Neve pre correspond to?
the patch #s in the cabinet patchbay
what should you check when importing a click track from another session?
check that the volume automation from the other song doesn’t disrupt the click in the current session.
with the multi tool selected, in the volume automation view, how do you get the pencil tool?
hold down the control key
with the multi tool selected, in the volume automation viehow do you get the eraser tool?
hold down the control and the option key