Who started Jazz/Scat singing?
Louis Armstrong
What were Louis Armstrong’s Nicknames?
“Pops” Because he’s considered the father of Jazz, “Satchmo” short for Satchel Mouth, because of his big face and head.


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“Louis Armstrong with the Dukes of Dixie Land”

Louis Armstrong
Who was considered the Finest Female Scat Singer?
Ella Fitzgerald
Piano-Oscar Peterson, Guitar-Herb Ellis, Bass-Ray Brown, Drums-Buddy Rich, Tpt-Louis Armstrong, Vox-Ella 
Ella And Louis
Who organized the album “Ella and Louis”
Norman Grants
“Mack the Knife: Ella in Berlin” whose album, what song did she mess up on?
Ella Fitzgerald, Mack The Knife
Who Popularized the tune “Mack The Knife”?
Bobby Darin, Frank Sinatra
Song Books Ella Did?
Harold Arlen, George and Ira Gershwin, Jerome Kern, Johnny Mercy, Rogers & Hart, Duke Ellington, Cole Porter, Irving Berlin
Billy Eckstine’s Nickname?
“Mr. B”
Famous People Billy Eckstine Played with?
Sarah Vaughn, Bird, Dizzy, miles


“No Cover No Minimum”


Billy Eckstine
Who was the first singer to act out lyrics, and would not scat, but would improvise new lines?
Billy Holiday
Billie Holiday’s Nickname?
Lady Day
“Lady Sings the Blues” 
Billie Holiday
Popular tune Billie Holiday Sang, written by a poet, that she did not like to sing? 
“Strange Fruit”
Sarah Vaughn’s Nickname?
Sarah Vaughn Albums

“Sarah Vaughn”

“Sarah Vaugh/Countbasie”

Singers that started out as big band singers in the 50’s?
June Christy, Chris Connor, Peggy Lee, Anita O’Day
“Something Cool”
June Christy
“Big Band Specials”
June Christy
“Portrait of Chris”
Chris Connor
“Two’s company” whose album, and what big band leader was with her on it?
Chris Connor, Maynard Ferguson
“Mink Jazz”
Peggy Lee
“Blues Cross Country” Whose Album? what big band leader played with?
Peggy Lee, Quincy Jones
“Fond Memories of Frank Rosalino”
Peggy Lee
Anita O’Day Albums?
“Anita O’Day Swings Cole Porter with Billy May”, “Anita sings the most”
Oscar peterson played on which Anita O’Day Album?
“Anita Sings the Most”
“I Can’t Help it”
Betty Carter
“Duets” Whose album, and with who?
Betty Carter, Carmen McRae
“The Great American Songbook”
Carmen McRae
Karrin Allison
What singer was discovered by Cannonball adderley, and whose earlier recordings were considered better?
Nancy wilson
Nancy Wilson’s Albums?

“Nancy Wilson/Cannonball Adderley”

w/ Quintet

“Nancy Wilson and the George Shearing Quintet”(The Swinging’s Mutual)

“Boogie Down” whose album, and who played with her?
Ernestine Anderson, Clayton-Hamilton Big Band
“Never Make your Move to soon”
Ernestine Anderson
“Two For The Road” whose album, who featured?
Dave Grueson, Diana Krall
“Live at Yoshi’s”
Dee Dee Bridgewater
R&B singer who did fusion version of night in tunisia? who also joined?
Chaka Khan, Herbie Hancock, dizzy gilespie
Diane Schuur’s albums?
“Diane Schuur with the count basie orchestra”
Natalie Cole
Who made Nature boy famous? who wrote it?
Nat King Cole, Eden Abez
“Ask A woman who Knows”
Natalie cole
“For Ella”
Patti Austin
“Close enough for Love”
Shirley Horn
Aside from vocals, what instrument did shirley horn do well at?
Where did Joe Williams get his start?
Count Basie Orchestra
Joe williams albums with big bands?

“Count Basie swings and Joe williams Sings”

“Presenting Joe Williams and the Thad Jones-Mel Lewis Orchestra”

“Nothing but the Blues”
Joe Williams
“Sinatra at the Sands”
Frank Sinatra
Tony Bennet album?
The Tony Bennet/Bill Evans Album
“Mark Murphy Sings”
Mark Murphy
Mark Murphy
what was Mel Tomey’s nickname?
the Velvet Fog
“Velvet and Brass”
Mel Tomey
Where did Bob Dorough go to school?
who came up with school house rock
Bob Dorough

“right on my way home”


Bob Dorough
“Too much Coffee man”
Bob Dorough
Bob Dorough with miles, and second classic quintet
Piano player that started singing?
Mose Allison
Allison Wonderland, whose album, and popular songs
Mose Allison, Seventh son, your mind is on vacation, your molecular structure, your mouth is working overtime
“One Bad habit”
Michael franks
Passion fruit
Michael franks
“Best of Bobby McFerrin”
Bobby McFerrin
“Black and Blue and Tobbacco Rode”
Lou Rawls
“This time it’s Love”
Kurt Elling
Lambert hendricks, and Ross
Dave Lambert Jon Hendricks, Ann Ross
“Sing a Song of Basie”
Lambert Hendricks and Ross
Les Double 6 started by?
Mimi Perin
“Les Double 6”
Les Double 6
Swingle singers started by?
Ward Swingle, and others from Les Double 6
“Jazz Sebastian Bach”
Swingle singers
“Anywhere from Mozart, Bach, Handel Vivaldi?”
Swingle Singers
who did Jazz and american classics, and voiced like Kentons trombone section?
The Four Freshman
who were a couple of Jingle singers in chicago wanting to do something else?
The Hi Los
Who formed the Hi-Los?
Gene Purling
“All over the place”
the Hi-Los
3 males, a femal with charts by Gene Purling, and don shelton, 
Singers unlimited
“He is Christmas”
Take 6
Manhattan Transfer
“Hearts of fire”
New york voices
“The best tour Souvenier album”
The Real Group