“April In Paris”
Count Basie Album
“The Atomic Mr Basie”
Count Basie Album

Neil Hefti

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Ernie Wilkins 

Frank Foster

Quincy Jones

Billy Byers 

Sammy Nestico 

John Clayton

Count Basie Arrangers
Ernie Wilkins 
Sonny Payne
Count Basie Drummer

Marshal Royal(lead alto)

Lester Young(tenor)

Eddie “Lockjaw” Davis(tenor) 

Eric Dixon(tenor) 

Count Basie Sax Players

Snookie Young(lead trumpet) 

Thad Jones

Joe Newman 

Buck Clayton 

Count Basie Trumpet players 
Count Basie Trombone

Al Grey 

Al Aarons 
Henry Coker  

Count Basie Guitar
Freddy Green 
Basie Line Up 
4 trump, 4 bone, 2 alto, 2 tenor, 1 bari, rhythm section 
Duke Ellington
Wrote specifically for his band
Duke Ellington
wrote more music than any other artist in history
Duke Ellington 
Fewer personnel changes than any other jazz band 
Duke Ellington Albums

Ellington at Newport

Live at the Blue Note

And His Mother Called Him Bill 

Duke Ellington Sax players

Johnny Hodges(alto) 

Harry Carney(Bari) 

Paul Gonzolvez(tenor) 


Duke Ellington trumpet

 Clark Terry

Ray Nance

Cootie Williams

Cat Anderson

Duke Ellington Trombone

Britt Woodman

Lawrence Brown

Duke Ellington Drummer
Sam Woodyard
Duke Ellington Bass
Jummy Blanton
Duke Ellington Arrangers

Billy Strayhorn (wrote Ellington’s theme)

Juan Tizo(valve trombone)

Gerald Wilson

Duke Ellington instrumentation

4-5 trumpet

3-4 trombones

1. lead alto

2. alto/clarinet

3. tenor

4. tenor/ clarinet

5. bari/ bass clarinet

Stan Kenton

-He thought there should be bands doing more than rhythm changes/blues

-“cool jazz” style(little/no vibrato complex arrangements

-put together a small group called Progressive Jazz

– popularized afro-cuban jazz

Stan Kenton albums

City of Glass

New Concepts of Artistry and Rhythm

Contemporary Concepts


Stan Kenton instrumentation
5 trumpet, 5 trombone, 5 sax(1 alto/2 bari), 4 rhythm
Stan Kenton arrangers
Jerry Mulligan, Marty Paich, Bill Holeman, Johnny Richards, Bill Russo, Gene Rowland
Stan Kenton Sax Players

Lee Konitz(alto)

Art Pepper(alto)

Bill Perkins(tenor)

Jack Nimitz(bari)

Stan Kenton trumpets

Maynard Ferguson

Al Porcino

Canti Candoli

Jack Sheldon

Sam Noto


Stan Kenton Trombone
Bobby Burgess, Frank Rozalino, George Roberts
Stan Kenton Drummers

Shelly Manne

Mel Lewis

Woody Herman instrumentation

3 tenor, 1 bari

5 trumpets

3 trombone

4 rhythm and vibes

Woody Herman Albums

Keeper of the Flame

… Big New Herd at Monterrey Jazz Festival

Giant Steps

The Concord Years

Woody Herman arrangers


Ralph Burns, Nat Pierce, Shorty Rogers, Bill Chase, John Fedchalk, John Capolla
Woody Herman Sax
Tenor- Stan Getz, Zoot Simms, Al Cohn, Gene Ammonds, Sal Nestico, Serge Shaloff
Woody Herman Trombone

Bill Harris

Phil Wilson


Woody Herman trumpet
Bill Chase, Red Rodney, Don Rader, Pete and Canti Candoli
Woody Herman Dummer
Jake Hannah
Original four brothers:
Stan Getz, Surge Shaloff, Zoot Simms and Al Cohn
Gill Evans info

-student of modern music

-loved using quarter tones

– birth of the “cool”

-Jerry Mulligan did most of the writing

Gill Evans albums

Birth of the Cool

Miles Ahead

Porgy and Bess

Sketches of Spain

…. and ten

Out of the Cool

The individualism of ..

Maynard Ferguson instrumentation
3 trump, 2 tromb, 1 alto, 2 tenor, 1 bari
Maynard arrangers
Willie Maiden, Mike Abene, Jacki Byard, Slide Hampton
Maynard sax

Lanny Morgan(alto)

Jimmy Ford(alto)

Ronny Cuber(bari)


Maynard trumpet

Chet Feretti

Nat Pavone

Maynard Albums

A Message from Newport



Come Blow Your Horn

Buddy Rich instrumentation
4 trump, 3 tromb, 2 alto, 2 tenor, 1 bari
Buddy Rich Arrangers
Phil Wilson, Bill Holeman, Oliver Nelson, Don Piestrup, Don Penza
Buddy Rich Albums

The New One

Swingin’ New Big Band


Mercy, Mercy

Buddy Rich Sax

Jay Corre(alto)

Quinn Davis(alto)

Richie Cole(alto)

Don Merina(tenor)

Buddy Rich Trumpet
Bobby Shaw, Chuck Finely
Bill Holeman Albums
In Jazz Orbit
Terry Gibbs Albums

The Big Cat


Gerald Wilson Albums

You Better Believe It

Moment of Truth

Gerald Wilson instrumentalists

Organ- Richard “grooves” Holmes

Trumpet- Carmel Jones

Sax- Herals Blond

Marty Paiche albums

I Get a Boot out of You

Art Pepper Plus Eleven

Marty Paich instrumentation
2 trump, 2 tromb, 3 sax, vibes
Don Ellis instrumentation
5 trump, 3 tromb, 5 sax, 3 bass, 2 drummers, 1 percussion, 1 sitar, 1 organist
Don Ellis albums

Live in 3 2/3/4

Electric Bath

Oliver Nelson Albums

Afro American Sketches

The Blues and the Abstract Truth

More Blues and the..

Quincy Jones Albums


The Great Wide World of..

Jerry Mulligan albums

Concert in the Rain

The Concert Jazz Band


*no piano