Which types of improvisations are used in jazz?
Thematic and Harmonic
What are the three types of vocal blues?
Country, classic/city, urban
How did the creation of Storyville Advance jazz?
Storyville was a red-light district in New Orleans, created in the early 1900’s, a lot of people were exposed to jazz for the first time in it and brought jazz to other parts of America.
Who wrote the song Carolina Shout?
James P Johnson
Louis Armstrong’s solo on this song is considered one of the most important moments in jazz. What is this song?
Weather Bird
As the 1920’s progressed, and artists such as Louis Armstrong progressed, how did the presentation of jazz change?
Jazz went from having a polyphonic influence to an influence on soloing.
What was Bessie Smith’s nickname?
The Empress of the Blues
What was the musical form of ragtime?
Tended to be in duple, emphasis on the strong vs weak beats. The form would vary, with the standard being AABBACCCC
How many horns make up the frontline of a standard New Orleans jazz band?
3. A cornet, trombone and clarinet.
Who were famous trumpeters for Gerald Wilson?
Snooky Young, Carnell Jones
Famous Gerald Wilson Saxophonists?
Harold Land, Don Raffell and Teddy Edwards
Famous albums?
You Better Believe It, Moment of Truth, Eternal Equinox