Trombone player with a “Tailgate” Style
Kid Ory
Trumpet player that “growled”
Bubber Miley
Pianist with a “trumpet” style
Earl Hines
“Sheets of sound”
John Coltrane
Patriarch of Jazz
Buddy Bolden
Patriarch of Saxophone
Coleman Hawkins
Father of Stride Piano
James P. Johnson
Known for playing “portamento” style
Sidney Bechet/Johnny Hodges
Jazz style where small combos with mostly cornet, clarinet, trombone lead collective improvisations are common
New Orleans Style Jazz
Jazz style where Big band is most common; arranger came to importance in this style as well as soloists
Jazz style where small combos were common; often had 2 horns and a rhythm section; rhythm was often irregular
User-friendly Bebop with regular rhythms
Hard Bop
Jazz style that was noticeably “softer” than other styles; somewhat indistinguishable from Bop at times
Cool Jazz
Jazz Style that improvises on scales instead of chords
Modal Jazz
Jazz Style with no preset chords/scales/form
Free Jazz