Birthplace of Jazz, Armstrong, Morton, Oliver, Keppard, Kid Ory
New Orleans
Strip of Land in New Orleans where prositution was legal, and, as a result, many jazz clubs sprung up
Spot where slaves could perform their ancestral music without interruption
Place Congo/Congo Square
Club in Harlem where Duke Ellington got his first big break
Cotton Club
Ballroom in Harlem where Chick Webb was a regular performer
Savoy Ballroom
Hothouse for bebop music
Minton’s Playhouse
Ballroom in Los Angeles where Benny Goodman was named “The King of Swing”
Palomar Ballroom
City where First American Jazz Festival was held
Newport, RI
City where the arranger was all important in swing music
New York
City where “head arrangements” were used in swing music; also the birthplace of Charlie Parker
Kansas City
In 1938, Beeny Goodman’s group was the first jazz band to play here
Carnegie Hall