What is a Jump Band?
An R&B band that placed more emphasis on honking saxaphones solos and the heavy back beat from the rythm section. 
Who is Louis Jordan?
a former jazz musician from the Chick Webb Orchestra. outsold al other black bands in the 1940’s.
Art Blakey/ The Jazz Messengers

defined the sound of hard bop.

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simplified sounds of other bebop drummers

worked with parker and dizzy galespie

changed to islamic and made name Abdullah or Bu

uses dramatic shifts and drives the bandOnce blakey took control of messangers he made it a workshop for the talented youth. created some great players. you “graduated” the group

Bill Evans/Bill Evans Trio

brought sophisticated European influence to jazz pianostudies modal jazz

got hired in the davis band

influenced the King of Blue album

died from a drug addiction

Cannonball Adderley

soulful saxaphonest

uknown teacher from florida

came onto seem months after charlie parkers death and was then called the New Bird

played in miles davis band for a year

broke off on own and created quintet.


Charles Mingus/ The Jazz Workshop

important bass player but more important composer

used all styles of jazz

gave soloists oppertunities to show individual talent like duke ellington

in all music gospel origins are found

light skin black man

spoke out against racism

died in mexico of lou gehrig’s disease

Chet Baker

important trumpet player and soloist

born in oklahoma

hired by charlie parker for a tour and then joied the Gerry Mulligan Quartet.

his singing and movie star good looks made him popular.

acted in films

got involved with heroine and got his teeth kicked in in a drug deal.

relied on wellfare and died from a fall out of a hotel window

Clifford Brown

the next great trumpet player after dizzy

drug free- but died in an auto accident

couldnt avoid and early death

Dave Brubeck/Dave Brubeck Quartet

west coast musician- pianist

studied to be a vet first

created Dave Brubeck quartet and disovered Paul Desmond

his playing was controversial because it was considered stiff because of his classical training

stayed together for 16 years

George Russell

third stream player

used modal theories in music

used contrapuntal writing

Horace Silver

hard bob composer

played simple funky piano

founding member of the jazz messangers

started the horace silver quintet

produced many promising jazz stas

Jimmy Smith

made the organ a bonafide instrument in jazz

made the organ trio popular

set standards for other organists to be judged upon

Joao and Astrud Gilberto

bosa nova style


astrud sang girl from ipanema

joao was a guitrist and vocalist

won many gramies

Lennie Tristano

blind pianist from chicago

style was hard to classify

found a school of music- the first dedicated to jazz

his music was not appreciated during his lifetime

Lighthouse All-Starts
Miles Davis

studied at julliard for a year

moved to NY where he met bird and diz

because of his accociation with parker who was his roomate at one point he was immediatly accepted

his style was closed to the middle of trumpet range amd played soft and tentative- created great moments of drama and used the harmon mute to give him a misterious sound

struggled as a heroine user. but broke it.

created miles davis quintet and realeased birth of the cool

he loved women and expensive things and they loved him

wanted to pursue modal jazz and created kind of blue with gill evans

Miles Davis First Quintet

created birth of the cool

created four albums in just two sessions

had one of the greates front lines of al time

gill evans


Miles Davis Nonet

nine peacice ensemble

miodeled after a swing band

wanted horns to sound like choir

used and developed cool or west coasrt jazz

Modern Jazz Quartet

group of four people who had played together in dizzy’s big band


Norman Granz

sponsered the first jazz at the philharmonic

produced hundreds of conerts and tours

he exploited the relationship between touring and recording

first to use concert stage as a recording studio


Paul Desmond

found by Dave Brubeck in his quartet. he was on the cover of time

one of the most inivative and lyrical cool players

Sonny Rollins;

tenor saxaphonest in the hard bob style

big heavy sound

worked with miles david quintet

checked himself into a drug rehad

famous for melodic development

took 2 year break to get himself together musically

Stan Getz


introduced the bosa nova style of jazz

used modern bop elements

worked with joao gilberto and his wife Astrud

they won gramies.

bossa nova was brazzilian style

Wes Montgomery

bop/ soul jazz guitarist

played with small groups and was popular until his death by a herat attack


Bossa Nova;

Brazzilian stlye of Jazz

samba mixed wtih bebop

used by stan gets and joao and astrud gilberto



syncopated type of folk song from the west indies. typically played by steel drum bands

used by sonny rolands

Cool/West Coast Jazz

low key and tranquil jazz

very little dynamic contrast

soft and light tones

emphasis on arangement rather than solo


Hard Bop

patterened after R and B

gospel music present explosive power from the rythm

invented by blacks who didnt like white people taking over there music. they wanted to rebel

Modal Jazz;
jazz music using modes rather than chord progressions
Soul Jazz

substyle of hard bop that drew heavily from R and B employs heavy use of gospel harmonies, call and response, down-home blues, and funk grooves as well as electronic intruments


Third Stream

merging of jazz and classical music

its very hard to distinguish because jazz is so free flowing where as classical music is very exact and strict

it is hard to find someone who is able to do both;


two or more melodic lines occurring simulatneously, sometimes reffered to as polyphony


used by gerry mulligan

French Impressionist Composers

classical composers whose music was used to draw into conversion with jazz



formal structure used in the boroque era- uses extensive counterpoint
Harmon Mute

a mute that goes into a trumpet that gives it a dark mysterious sound


used by miles davis.

Jazz at the Philharmonic


sponsored by Norman Granz located at the philharmonic hall located in Los Angelas


hosted hundreds of concerts and brought jazz to milions of people.

Melodic Development
an improvisational technique where the soloist repeats a shore phrase with several variations

recording and layering recordings.;

;each additional track is an overdub


Sheets of Sound

a wall of sound technique by coltrane
The New Thing
the first name of free jazz
Greenwich Village
The Five Spot
Art Ensemble of Chicago
Billy Higgins
Blood, Sweat, and Tears
Cecil Taylor
Charlie Haden
Chicago Transit Authority;
Chick Corea/ Return to Forever
Don Cherry;
Electric Flag
Elvin Jones
Eric Dolphy
Herbie Hancock/ Head Hunters
Jaco Pastorius
Jimi Hendrix
Jimmy Garrison;
Josef Zawinul
John Coltrane/ John Coltrane Quartet.;
John McLaughlin/ Mahavishnu orquestra
Larry Graham;
McCoy Tyner
Miles Davis
Ornette Coleman
Ron Carter
Sly and the Family Stone
Sun Ra/ Myth Science Arkestra
The Miles Davis Second Quartet
Tony Williams
Tony Williams Lifetime
Wayne Shorter
Weather Report;
Free Jazz
Jazz/Rock Fusion
Fender Rhodes Piano

by the miles davis nonet.

from Birth of the Cool

set tone for post bebop jazz

sax trombone trumpet tuba piano drums


arranged by Gil Evans