What are the two most important places where Jazz developed?
New York and Kansas city. but most musicians moved to New York
What is the Harlem Renaisance?
Great migration of negros to Harlem-population grew in Harlem new york. awakening to the “NEw Negros. most negros didnt like the jazz because it reminded them of poverty and hard times. 
What was the focus of the Harlem Renessance?
The arts- theater literaturs poetry and music
Describe the New York City clubs
run by gangsters, speakeasies, illegal alcohol, kept blacks out by making them expensive. 
Who is Owney “the killer” Madden?
Proorieter of the cotton club, controlled much of the New York clubs.
What are the three most popular NYC clubs?
Connie’s Inn, Smalls Paradice, and Cotton Club.
Describe the Cotton Club
“Aristocrat of Harlem” opened in 1922operated by owney mason resembled slave plantation and performed to jungle music.;
Describe the downtown NYC clubs;
Moulin Rouge, white, sweet bands, dance halls and theaters
What are the three major Harlem Dance Halls?
Renessance Ballroom, allhambra, and Savoy Ballroom
What was the famous NYC ballroom?
Savoy Ballroom “home of Happy feet” opened in 1926 could hole 3500 people and had two stages so that the bands could play continually
Describe the Savoy Ballroom
Hosted battle of the bands, the lindi hop was started here
what is the Lindi Hop?
a tribute to charles limberg’s hop across the atlantic
Who is Eubis Blake?
Stride pianist wrote shiffly along and Running wild
Describe Sweet Sue
by Paul Whiteman. symphonic jazz. obo harp and violin, contains some hot jazz. and Bix Beiderbecke as an oboe soloist
What is Tin Pin Alley?
used to describe piano playing, melodies sounded like dish pans being banged together. used in movies and vaudville shows
Who are famous Tin Pin Alley song writers?
Irvin Berline, George Gershwin, Jerome Kerm, Richard Rogers, Oscar Hamerstein, and cole porter
Effects of Depression on music
Recording industry died, talkies stopped using live orquestras, radio became important. 
Why was radio important?
People didnt want to pay to go out so they would listen to their radios. therefore in order to be heard you had to be on the radio.
What is the cleff club?
a booking agency for black bands
When was the growth to big bands?
the1920’s and 1930’s
What is an arrangment and why is it used?
notated rendition of a song. used in big bands
What is a chart?
written music chart that gives each instrument a part to play
Who was one of the first people to start a big band?
Duke Ellington
Where was the increase in big bands?
In the brass section
Who is Paul Whiteman?
An original member of the Dixieland Jass band. wanted to make a lady out of jazz and clear its name. created works of symphonic jazz. song- Sweet sue. 

What important thing did Paul Whitman give jazz?


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He held a concert in aeolian hall where George Gershwim played rhapsody in blue.

Whitman was known as the King od Jazz for a while

Fletcher Henderson
Originally wanted to be a chemist, got a gig and became obbsessed with hot soloists and went out to aquire the best. had louis armstrong for a year but then he left because the henderson band wouldnt let him sing. had 4 big band inovations.  He was not organized and missed pay days and in the end his band deserted him. He wrote arangments for other ppl to survive
What are the four Innovations for Big Bands made by the henderson band?


Ensemble Swing

Block Chord Writing


Describe Hot and Anxious
By the henderson band-  coleman Hawkins guitar solo. 4/4 swing in rythm section, uses in the mood at main melody
Who is Edward Kenedy?
Duke Ellington- most famous jazz and american writer, wrote all his stuff and directed his own band
Describe Dunke Ellington
Led a big band. featured soloists, grew up in washington D.C Made it in harlem, Composed jungle music in the cotton club
Who is James “Bubber” Miley?
a tumpetist who studies joe oliver and learned plunging mute techniques. made Duke Ellingtons band unique.
Who is Otto Hardwick?
A saxaphonist in Duke Ellingtons band
Who is Arther Whetsol?
Duke ellingtons trumpeter
Who is Sonny Greer
Duke Ellington’s drummer
What is the Washintonians?
A band that Duke Ellington’s Band joined. This is where ellington me will the lionsmith. a stride piamoist. Ellingont eventually took over the band, calling it Duke Ellington’s Orquestra.
Who Is Irving Mills?
a publisher who helped Ellingtons public relations, He got ellington into the cotton club
Who is Johnny Hodges?
Ellington’s alto sax players. He used the smearing technique of moving from note to note.
Describe the Creole Love Call
A song by the Duke Ellington Band. Jungle music. Uses wordless vocal. makes the vocalist almost like another instrumentalist
Who is Tom “The boss” Pendergast?
He is the mayor/ political figure in Kansas city. He worked with gangerster and helped provide alcohol to the city.
What are the four main clubs in Kansas City?

The Subway

The Sunset Club

The Cherry Blossom

The Reno Clud

Describe the Reno Club
Who is Bennie Goodman?
A famour clarinetist who grew up in a poor family and was given the clarinet because he was the youngest son and it was the smalled instrament. he studied with John Hammond
Who is John Hammond?
independent- dropped out of yale. he was a talent scout. he discovered people sucj as count basie billy holiday bennie goodman etc. 
Who is Teddy Wilson?
A black pianist from austin texas, he played in the goodman trio. he was inprtant because he was black and played with white people and broke the raicial barier

Name the people in the Goodman Quartet


Teddy Wilson

Lionel Hampton 

Charlie Christian 

Cootie Williams

Who is Billy Strayhorn?
Studdied how Duke Ellington wrote and coppied his manor. called sweet pea because of how he acted. He developed what he called Ellington Effect
Describe Black Brown and Beige
by Duke Ellington and his orchestra on feb 5 it was a trubute to african american history.. considered a work song. 
Describe Take the A Train
By Duke Ellington’s Band on feb 15 written by billy stray hand. recognizable piano intro and two trupeters
Describe One O’clock Jump
by count basie, and orchestra. boogie woogie intro. sax. Count Basie prchestra theme song
Who is Chick Webb?
led most powerful band of era and played drums. took competition seriously. hired Ella Fitzgerald
Who is Ella Fitzgerald?
singer, hired by chick webb,greatest scat singer in history, wide range, her scatting didnt develop until after she worked with dizzy. 
Who is Cole Hawkins- the bean
great tenor sax player dark huge sound. became known as the “father of the Tenor sax” toured with mammie smiths jazz hounds then fletched Hendersons orchestra. Redorded Body and Soul. the song that he would always be linked to. 
Who is Prez Lester Young?
light and breathy sound- tenor sax player- louse and layed back rythm free flowing music. worked with Billie Holiday who called him prez and he caller her lady day. they recorded together 
Who is Billy Holiday
She had a slow and relaxed way of singing behind the beat. her musical soulmate was letser young. she sang in harlem clubs her songs got banned for being to controversial. got her cabaret card taken for possesion of drugs
Describe Body and Soul
by Cole Hawkins. recording was done in one take. usues techniqueo of building up and letting back down tenor sax alto sax trumpet drums trobmone
What is Minton’s Playhouse
What is 52nd Street?
Who is Charlie Christian
played electric guitar. discovered by John Hammond He played in goodmans sextet.;
Who is John Burkes “Dizzy” Gillespie
He copied the style of the trumpet player Roy Elderedge. charlie parker was his soulmate played solo, piano. top trumpeter in jazz
Who is Max Roach
he is considered the best bebop drummer.
Who is Sarah Vaughan
She was a pianist and singer Sarah “sassy” she had a rich powerful voice and scatted.;
Describe Lemon Drop
by Ella Fitzgerald. based on I got Rythm. Scatting and improv used. it was played very fast which opens up a good situation for impriveising.
Describe Evidence
Thelonious Monk and John Coltrane. fades in with piano and then tenor sax. big deal because monk hadb’t been able to play for 6 years because he lost his caberet card. 
Describe Koko
By charlie Parker’s REdhoppers. mysterious. piano alto sax. trumpet bass and drums
Describe Manteca
By dizzy gallaspie and orchestra afro-cuban style layering of four different instruments. Gillespie shouts in the song
Who is charlie Parker
when young was the works musician in the band. drug problem/ played with dizzy nicknames the bird;