Reckless Blues
Bessie Smith-1925

style: blues

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form: 12 bar blues- uses call and response-trumpet by Louis Armstrong

West End Blues
Armstrong and the Hot Five-1928

style: Early Jazz/ New Orleans

form: 12 bar blues(AABA)- chord progression, trumpet by Armstrong

You’ve Got to Be Modernistic
James P. Johnson-1930

style: Harlem Stride

form: march/ragtime- whole-tone harmonies, a trio. Johnson on piano

Singin the blues
Frankie Trumbauer 1927

Style: Early jazz/Chicago

form: 32-bar popular song (A B A` C)

Weather Bird
Louie Armstrong 1928

style: early jazz

form: March/ragtime. Cadence figure at the end. unpredictable rhythms.

Dead Man Blues
Jelly Roll Morton& Red Hot Peppers-1926

style: Early jazz/ New Orleans

form:12 bar blues-trio and countermelody in trombone, collective improvisation. Morton on piano

Snake Rag
Joe Oliver-1923

style: Early jazz/ New Orleans

form: march/ragtime- changes in texture. Oliver on trumpet