Sidney Bechet
played clarinet and was the 1st notable saprano sax player; lots of vibrato
Earl Himes
Stride piano player from Detroit; trumpet style piano; could keep up with Louie Armstrong
Characteristics of Chicago Style Dixieland
party music of the 1920s
piano, sax, and guitar were added
emphasis on 2 and 4
high energy; complex
what instrument was rare in New Orleans Dixieland?
characteristics of ragtime
complex form; no improv
piano, combo, or orchestra
righthand somewhat formal
lefthand basenote/chord
two influential cornet players
Louis Armstrong and Bix Beiderbeck
rhythm instrument in Dixieland New Orleans…
tuba, drums, banjo
new orleans front line instruments and their purposes
cornet: melody
clarinet: decorated melody
trombone: outlined chords
characteristics of boogie woogie
12 bar blues; repetitive basenote; shuffle rhythm; lots of improv; upbeat; piano, combo, or orchestra
Charcateristics of New Orleans Dixieland
collective improv; flat four rooted by banjo; less improv per sq. inch; recording are terrible quality
what is scat singing?
singing the melody with sounds that imitate instruments
characteristics of stride piano
poptunes/showtunes; lefthand basenote/chord
righthand syncopated
always piano
can combine styles
what was the essences of new orleans dixieland
collective improvisation
source of ragtime
marching bands (european and complex form)
why were wood blocks used in first recording studios
drumsets caused too much vibration; the needle would move
who was buddy bolden?
the father of jazz
cornet player
who was john p johnson?
the father of stride piano
jelly roll morton
1st musician to write down jazz
best known ragtime piano player
Art Tatum
best piano player of the 20th century
Scott Joplin
best ragtime composer