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The first Jazz musician /best cornet player from 1895-1906

Bix Bierderbeck

Self-taught cornet player/first jazz player admired by both blacks and whites/c-melody saxophonist

Louis Armstrong

considered the FIRST JAZZ SOLOIST/influenced many/virtuoso of sax and cornet/ had a “HOT SOUND”/mentored by King Oliver
W.C. Handy
FATHER OF THE BLUES/First to write down the blues
Freddie Keppard
Top New Orleans Jazz musician/ did not want to be emulated/ never recorded/ played with a napkin
Joe “King” Oliver
mentored Armstrong/ leader of the CREOLE JAZZ BAND/ Dippermouth Blues
Sidney Bechet
Played Clarinet and Soprano Sax/ one of the first to record/ featured stoptime breaks.

Frankie Trumbauer

C-Melody Saxophonist/ “hot jazz soloist”/contributed to Bix’s career
call and response
an aspect of African music that was quite functional in which a leader would call a phrase and everyone else would respond.
Austin High Gang
a white jazz group influenced by the New Orleans style of Jazz who attended Austin High in Chicago, IL
Lester Young
Significant TENOR SAXOPHONIST/created a unique sound emulating Frankie Trumbauer/ “PRESIDENT OF THE SAX”
specialist in arrangements/ arranged material according to families of instruments/sax player
Fletcher Henderson
played “sweet jazz”/ band leader, arranger, pianist

Earl Hines

Harlem Stride pianist/ imitated Armstrong on piano
Fats Waller
protege of James P. Johnson/ singer, entertainer, composer of popular songs in Broadway Shows.
James P. Johnson
Harlem Stride Pianist/taught Fats Waller/ accompanied blues singers
Coleman Hawkins
Swing-ero tenor saxophonist!!!
Meade Lux Lewis
Father of the Boogie Woogie
Billy Strayhorn
Duke Ellington’s Alter ego/arranger, composer/inspired took the a-train song
Jimmy Blanton
key member of Ellington’s band/ FATHER OF THE BASS
Jelly Roll Morton
FIRST JAZZ COMPOSER and ARRANGER/ Hed Hot Chili Peppers? swing feel
Piano imitation of Brass bands/ little improv/LH back and forth–RH syncopated melodies
Stride Piano
Lots of improv/swing 8th note/ evolved from ragtime/ RH uses a familiar melody
Chicago Style Jazz
ONE soloist at a time/ more saz,tpt, guitar, pno, bass/tuba
New Orleans Stule Jazz
began in Storyville/ INSTRUMENTATION: front line: tpt, clar, trom and rhytm: pno, bass, bnj, COLLECTIVE IMPROV
LH-Stationary, RH–improvised riffs or catchy tunes, mostly AAB form
9-18 players, more bass than tuba, three sections bass, rhythm, reeds, more arrangements