Julian “Cannonball” Adderley
-alto sax
-bebop, “Olio”
-bandleader, created Cannonball Quintet
-influenced by Coltrane & Shorter
Art Blakey
-Art Blakey & the Jazz Messengers “Soft Winds”
-hard bop, jazz fusion
– worked with Horace Silva, challenged his musicians to play better than the best in town
– thought his musicians should leave when ready to form own groups
-helped Wynton Marsalis
-visited West Africa, wanted to bring rhythm back
Dave Brubeck
-piano, composer
-Dave Brubeck Quartet “Take Five”
-unusual time signatures “heartbeat” 5/8
-cool jazz
-toured in Europe
Ron Carter
-joined Miles Davis Quintet
-played with Herbie Hancock and Wayne Shorter
Kenny Clarke
-bebop innovater
-played at Minton’s Playhouse
-used cymbal more for time
Stanley Clarke
-bass/elec bass (unique way of playing, snapping)
-joined Chick Corea’s fusion band “Return to Forever”
-started with Jazz Messengers
-influenced by Coltrane and Jimi Hendrix
Ornette Coleman
-sax, composer
-started RnB and bebop on tenor sax
-switched to alto sax for free jazz
-invented word “harmolotics” should hear chords to a melody
-Pollock did cover art for Coleman Quartet album
-performed at the Five Spot in NY
-would rather have a normal job than compromise to main stream jazz
John Coltrane
-tenor sax
-studied with Ravi Shankar
-interested in Religions, music driven by spirituality
-won Pulitzer Prize
-played with sheets of sound, many notes
-Miles Davis told him to shut up
-played with Dizzy and Miles
-race riots, music reflected anger in America
-led to free jazz
Miles Davis
-bebop, cool jazz, hard bop, modal jazz, jazz fusion
-liked to dress to impress
-lyricism, less virtuosity
-went to Paris 1949
-bad drug habit
-album “Kind of Blue” is best selling jazz album
-Miles Davis Quintet
Paul Desmond
-alto sax
-with Dave Brubeck Quartet “Take Five”
-chain smoker, lung cancer
-gambling problem
Bill Evans
-hired by Miles Davis, only white person in sextet
-impressionist harmonies
-modal jazz, third stream, cool jazz, post bop
-Bill Evans Trio
Gil Evans
-cool jazz, modal jazz, free jazz, jazz fusion
-worked with Miles Davis “Birth of Cool”
-influenced by Latin music
Ella Fitzgerald
-Queen of scat
-fame in Chick Webs band, became band leader after he died
(only 2 years)
-inspired by Louis Armstrong
-won 13 Grammys
Kenny G
-soprano sax
-smooth jazz “feel good music”
-good businessman
-specific audience
Dizzy Gillespie
-trumpet (bent, puff cheeks)
-totally different from swing
-cut Cab Callaway’s leg
-left bebop for Latin jazz, loved Cuban style
Herbie Hancock
-pianist, bandleader, composer
-Miles Davis second great quartet
-classically trained, no jazz teacher
-orchestral accompaniment, chordal harmony
-hard bop “Maiden Voyage” “Cantaloupe Island”
-Headhunters group
Elvin Jones
-post bop
-John Coltrane Quartet
-inspired by Circus bands that passed his home
-worked with Miles Davis & Charles Mingus
Machito (Frank Grillo)
-trumpet, maracas, voice
-principal member of “Afro Cubans” orchestra
-small guy, nickname
Branford Marsalis
-sax, composer, band leader
-Berkley college
-brother of Wynton
-part of Young Lions mvt who followed older style
-nice clothes, concert style
Wynton Marsalis
-Louis Armstrong influence
-Young Lions movement
-Music Director at Lincoln Center
-Pulitzer Prize
-Jazz Messengers
-Classical as well
Charles Mingus
-bass, piano, composition
-made name by third stream “free jazz”
-born in LA ghetto
-Duke influences
-punched Juan Tizol (tbone)
-moved to NY, recorded with Miles, Parker, Art Tatum, Duke
-avant garde leader
-music to do with politics & race
-changed tempos @ random w/ Danny Richmond-drums
Thelonious Monk
-expanded jazz with dissonances-2nd
-listened to European composers
-bebop background with Dizzy & Parker
-Julliard drop out, Mintons playhouse
-star in Europe
-Coltrane left Miles for him
Gerry Mulligan
-sax, clarinet, composer
-cool jazz
-Miles Davis’s album “Birth of the Cool” featured his arrangements
Charlie Parker
-alto sax “Bird”
-musician, druggie, father
-bebop, Latin jazz
-beatnicks group
-self taught physics & astronomy
-married at 16 kids
-addicted to morphine & heroine after car crash
-mental hospital
-hired Chano Pozo
-went downhill after daughter died of pneumonia
-died on stage @ 34
Jaco Pastorius
-elec bass, composer
-used harmonics on fretless bass
-lyrical & plucking style
-played with Herbie Hancock & Wayne Shorter
Chano Pozo
-percussion, voice
-Latin jazz
-born in Havana
David Sanborn
-alto sax
-most copied sound
-ppl try to hold instrument like him (polio)
-smooth jazz
Sun Ra
-piano, synthesizer, poet, philosopher
-eclectic music & lifestyle
-Sun Ra and his Solar-Myth Arkestra: revolutionary free jazz ensemble
-claimed to be from another planet (so did musicians)
-shows used costumes, make up, props, spoken word etc
Gunther Schuller
-third stream composer
-lazy eye
-he and John Lewis formed the Modern Jazz Society
-won Grammys
Wayne Shorter
-sax, composer
-member of Jazz Messengers
-in Miles Davis’s 2nd quintet
-co founder of Weather Report: jazz fusion band
Horace Silver
-piano, composer
-leader in hard bop
-influenced by Latin jazz
-did all styles
Cecil Taylor
-avant garde, free jazz
-tone clusters, poly rhythm
-thought audience should prepare for music as well
-formed Feel Trio
Creed Taylor
-producer (Simon & Garfunkle, Beetles, Burt Bacharach)
-Wes Montgomery 3 records playing popular songs
-created CTI record company
-incorporated strings
-commercialized music, all audiences
Grover Washington Jr.
-tenor sax
-smooth jazz, early product
-copied sound, distinct
Tony Williams
-leader jazz fusion
-fame with Miles Davis band
Joe Zawinul
-keyboard, composer
-worked with Miles Davis
-jazz fusion, synthesizers
-co founder of Weather Report