Came about in the 1940s. Crazy, funk, eccentric style of Jazz.
Sarah Vaughn
Prominent Jazz singer in the Bebop era. She sang with the Earl Hinds and the Billy Eckstine bands. Has a huge range, twists the notes into many syllables.
Gil Evans
“Birth of the Cool”, collaborated with Miles Davis.
Charlie Parker
Saxophone player. Addicted to heroin. Left school and played under Laqrence “88” Keys. Had his first recording with the Mcshann Band. Collaborated with Dizzy Gellespie on “Salt Peanuts.” Was sent to a mental hospital after drug addiction. Charlie was known for “quoting” music.
Salt Peanuts
Maybe the greatest bebop song ever recorded. Performed by Dizzy and Charlie Parker.
Charlie Parker’s quintet
When Charlie Parker returned to NY after his hospital stay he started a quintent with trumpeter Miles Davis, pianist Duke Jordan, bassist Tommy Potter, and drummer Max Roach.
Charlie Parker (Birdland).
High Priest of Bop
Thelonious Monk
Third Stream Jazz
Jazz that uses a bit of classical and jazz improvation.
“Dizzy” Gillespie
John Birks Gellespie.
Dizzy Gellespie
Trumpeter. Originally influences by Roy Eldridge. Had command of the upper register of the trumpet, could play her fast and very high. PLayed with cab Calloway. Been a member of the big bands of Earl Hinds and Billy Eckstine. The hands and body that held it together.
Bud Powell
Earl “Bud” Powell. Considered to be the finest bop pianst. Institutionalized 5 times. Very moody and withdrawn. Died of tubercolsis.
Thelonious Sphere Monk
An orignial. Made use of silence around the notes. Was put on Time Magazine’s cover.
Gerry Muligan
Baritone sax player. Took Jazz to the West Coast.
Coleman Hawkins
Father Of The Tenor Sax.
Father of the Tenor Sax
Coleman Hawkins
Paul Desmond
Alto sax player in the Dave Brubeck band.
John Coltrane
Tenor sax. Got his start with Miles Davis.
Dave Brubeck
Trumpeter. Could only play in block chords because of an accident to his hands.
Stan Getz
Very into Brazilian dance rhythems. Played the tenor sax.
Clifford Brown
“Clean” musisician. Never did drugs or drank. Played the trumpet. Died in a car wreck.
Max Roach
Drummer that colaborated with Clifford Brown.
Horace Silver
“The Jazz Messengers” very funky, gospel style pianst. Left Art Blakey.
Art Blakey
Drummer and band leader of “The Jazz Messengers.” university for Jazz musicians.
Billie Holiday
“Strange Fruit,” worked with Abel Meropol
Ella Fitzgerald
Known for her scat singing.
Stand Kenton
Classical style. Big bands with tuba’s and french horns.
Lewis Allen
Abel Meropols pen name.