New Orleans jazz derived from…?
marching bands and dance music and transformed them into collective improv
Congo Square
behind French Quarter, place for free blacks to dance and play music on sundays
Creoles of Color
‘drop of black blood’ makes you black; mixed race blacks = creoles of color; evolved into social group
-had some social freedcoms, owned property -spoke french, english, catholic, education, worked trades (cigar making, cobbling, carpentry)
End of Creoles of color priviledges?
after Civil War during Reconstruction pd, strict race lines; Jim Crow laws, Plessy v. Ferguson, enforced rigid color line
Creoles v. Uptown Negroes
Creoles wanted to distinguish themselves, but Jim C. laws integrated the 2, Creoles felt Uptowners “faked” performances b/c they ddnt read music
N.O. bands
consists of brass band societies known as FRONT LINE
What is most distinctive feature of N.O.jazz?
collective improv.
What forms does N.O. jazz use?
multistrain forms of ragtime- not simple repetitive structures completely
Great Migration
jazz leaves New Orleans, former slaves drift away from agricultural cities like N.O. moving further north to ghettos in Chicago & N.Y.
Original Dixieland Jazz Band; 5 or 7 members; (p90-91)
Jazz Age
sharp (detached) chords with collective improv
snake rag (p102)
rag following march/ragtime structures of several disparate strains; slang for the complicated chromatic (moving my half step) lines