What is blues form?
12-bar, AAB
What is popular song form?
32-bar, AABA
complicated progression of chords played in last 2 bars of chorus
What form has a distinct ‘conclusion?’
AA’ or ABAC (pg41)
-return of statement
What 2 ways do we recognize the BASS LINE?
1. walking bass- marking 4 even beats to the bar
2. pedal point- bass line doesnt move
irreg, unpredictable way of playing chords, derives from word accompanying
What is the (mostly) constant pattern in a typical swing groove?
ride pattern
melodic paraphrase
adds notes to distort rhythm to swing but doesnt destroy source; usually at begnning and end of a performance
harmonic vs modal improv
harmonic imporov= rely on chord progresison
modal= rely on scale
big bands vs small combos
big= arrangements or composed scores for the orchestra and indiv. parts for each musician
small= jam sessions, informal, create music for fun, improv
What is ‘trading fours?’
trading solos b/t drums and the soloists