Miles Davis

Created a new Sound

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Stylistically unique

Trumpet Style remain consant in different areas

Personally Mystical

for Bebop Miles davis worked with: 
Worked with Charlie Parker
What arranger worked with with Orchestral/Cool Miles ?
Gil Evans
What songs were written by orchestral/cool miles ?

Miles Ahead,

Sketches of spain,

Porgy and bess

what songs were written by classic quitet–working with miles?


Relaxin with Miles

Kind of Blue by Miles was done by who?
All Star Group

Kind of Blue was what kind of Jazz techinque ?

And define the techinque 3 parts.

Modal Jazz- relaxed less complex, slow harmonic movement, even sound repeats
What 3 musicians where apart of Miles All Star Group and what instruments did they play:

Cannonball Adderley Alto Sax

john coltrane tenor Sax

Bill Evans Piano

Who are the 3 people who played with 60’s Miles Davis when he had a Modern based on Bebop? Instuments?

Tony Williams Drums

Herbie Hancock – Paino

Ron Carter – Bass

What was the name of the song Miles dAvis played for Fusion –Jazz Rock?
Bitches Brew
Charles Mingus had was 5 main facts?
1.Virtuoso Bassist
2. Band Leader
3. Composer
4. Arranger
5. Inspiration: Jelly Roll Morton, Duke Ellington, Charlie Parker, Negro spirituals, Mexican Folk Music, 20th Century music
John Coltrane had what concept? What kind of artist is he?

New Concept!

Cross Discipline Artist

John Coltrane was Inspired by
Art, Poetry, Sculpture, Dance, Spiritual Guidance
John Coltrane Early influence (4 of them):
a.    Lester Young –Soul and feel
b.    Coleman Hawkins
c.    Parker Complexity
d.    Bebop – Modal- Avant Garde
Who was apart of John Coltrane’s Classic Quartet?
Elvin jones, MCoy Tyner, jimmy Garrison, Popularize Soprano; Saxophone
Define Avant Garde:

Noun Writers, artist, film makers, or musicans whose work is innovative, experimental, or unconventional
ii.;;; ADJ. artistically new, experimental or unconventional
1.;;; Belonging to the aritsitcally innovative

Free structure and freedom to commnicat openly experimnetal unexpected.

What 3 songs are on John Coltrane CD:
a.;;; A love Supreme
b.;;; Coltrane Ballads
c.;;; Duke Ellington and John; Coltrane
Bill Evans

Perfected the Trio Concept

New Style of Jazz Piano

Art Tatum- Bud Powel -Monk

One Style during his entire career

Wrote: I will say goodbye

All the song written by Miles Davis on Listening Test:


Bitches Brew

My Ship

If i was a Bell

Kind of Blues

Chick Corea has 5 top facts:

Different Styles

Bud Powell Major influence

Miles Fusion Group

Accoustic Band

Herbie Hancock

3 facts

Worked with Miles Davis

Head Hunter

Several Own Groups

Jaco Pastorous Wrote what: what is he/plays?

what jazz period?

The Chicken

Bass/ Composer

Fusion Jazz

Weather Report is…

Founded by…

One of the earliest and most influential jazz rock groups. Founders: Wayne Shorter and Joe Zawinul

Pat Methany did what/played what?

whats a fact?



individual and unique sound

Yellow Jackets; is a ___
current fusion group
Charles Mingus was very
different, free but still structured
John Coltrane
Who exprience Free Jazz at the end of his Life?
Saxophone and Lonely women
Ornette coleman played what instrument and what song?
Ornette Coleman
a post bebop Composer
Who inspired Ornette Coleman/
4 facts about ornette Coleman

1. Often no Piano in his band

2. Each member should be able to express themselves

3.Modal technique

4. Fusion with Electic guitars/bass

Cecil Tayor
Major alterative to main stream of modern jazz because classically trained
Painist what played “Enter Evening”
Cecil Taylor played the
cecil Taylor created :
created textures instead of musical phase phrases
Herman Blount is name is
Sun Ra name is

Sun Ra played during

also 5 facts about him

Free Jazz in the 60s

1.the Arkestra

2. Spritual Message- living away to; save the planet.

3. Surronding himself with great musians

4. Claimed he was from Saturn

5. Pioneered Early synthesis