Joe Oliver
King Oliver Performed in Lincoln gardens in Chicago. Known for his trick playing
Harlem Stride Piano
Left hand plays boom chick bass note chord. Right hand ornate/complicated melodies/improvisations
Marches that were transferred to the piano. Scott Joplin
The texture created by a group of instruments all playing the same melody
Rent Parties
At this time landlord charged black tenants exorbitant rates ($10 per month) to live in Harlem
Bix Beiderbecke
Trumpet player. Most illustrious associated with the Chicagoans. plays extensions on chords
Freddie Keppard
Dominated New Orleans until 1914
Frankie Trumbauer
influenced by Lester Young. C melody saxophone. played a light silky elegance. singing the blues
Downtown New Orleans
French speaking Catholics. Light skinned educated. Creole attitudes encouraged European trained classic music
Cotton Club
Most exclusive black-and-tan cabaret in Harlem
For white customers
African theme
European Art Music
Discrete pitch spectrum
A state of harmonic rest
Jim Crow Laws
Southern statues and laws to keep races separate
a variety show featuring a wide range of different acts
Duke Ellington
Greatest composer in Jazz history
New York City Bands
James P. Johnson
Father of stride piano
Country Blues
Developed on the Mississippi Delta and the earliest singers were sharecroppers
Black Codes
Excluded from southern states
Forbade interracial marriage
Prohibited use of firearms
permitted forced use of labor for some convictions
Limited type of property to own
Bubber Miley
Important collaborator to Duke Ellington
Trumpet player
The patterns of loud and soft music
the way a composer or arranger use the available instruments in a given piece
Congo Square
Gathering place for slaves on sundays and holy days
Allowed to revisit African musical and dance traditions
viewed by white spectators
The process of changing from one key to another
White peoples fascination with black entertainment
Jelly Roll Morton
Pianist, band leader
First great composer
The shape of a piece of music determined by its patterns of repitition
Buddy Bolden
First legend in Jazz
Pioneered improvisational style
known for ragtime and blues songs
accent of rhythms that ordinarily go unaccented
The speed of the beat
Functional Musci
Music that fulfills a social purpose outside itself
A state of harmonic rest
Uptown New Orleans
English speaking protestants
Descended from slaves
fewer opportunities for musical training
Earl hines
Known for his trumpet style piano playing
Fats Waller
Pianist became famous for his popular songs for the Broadway stage