True or False:

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Beebop evolved at afer hour clubs such as

Minton’s Playhouse and Monroe’s Uptown House

What is 3rd String?
Music that emphasizes arrangement. Only works for videos. Not functional for ticket sales

Who is not on of the musicians at the top of

every powerpoint slide?

Included were:

Mary Lou Williams

John Coltrane

Which is not a characteristic of

West Coast jazz?

What is an alternative name of free jazz?
Experimental and Avant-Garde Jazz

What social, political, cultural movement was

free jazz and 1960s jazz not associated with?

Harlem Renaissance

What famous jazz musician has the nickname

Klook-a-Mop or simply Klook?

Kenny Clarke
What was vocalese?
Vocalese uses lyrics, either improvised or set to preexisting instrumental solos.
What 1949 record was famous and why?

Birth of the Cool

by Miles Davis

Who were the members of the modern

jazz quartet?

John lewis

Milt Jackson

Percy Heath

Connie Kay

Smooth jazz is the cross fertilization or

fusion of what and what?

R&B, Funk & pop
Why did they nickname Charlie Parker “Bird”?

While driving, he hit a bird, took it home, and told

the mistress to cook the bird crispy fried

True or False:

Latin jazz was not new during the 1940s, in fact,

the earliest forms of jazz going back to Jelly Roll Morton

and others were influenced by latin music characteristics.


What is progressive jazz?

What sub-genres fit under the umbrella of progressive jazz?

Which of these is not a smooth jazz

artist or band?

These include:

George Duke

Grover Washington Jr.

George Benson


Kenny G

During what style of jazz did the Hammon B-3

organ make its entrance into jazz?

Hard Bop
Was Bebop ever danced to?
Yes, of course

Which one of these groups was not a

jazz-rock fusion band?

These include:

Miles Davis

Tony William (Lifetime)

Chick Corea (Return to Forever)

John McLauglin (Mahavishnu Orchestra)

Joe Zawinul and Wayne Shorter (Weather Report)

Herbie Hancock (Head Hunters)

Fusion is the alternate term for what style

of jazz?

Jazz Rock

Which was not a major niche market

for smooth jazz?

14-25 year olds
What was the 1964 album by John Coltrane?
A Love Supreme
Who were the two in-class performences?

Professor Price – Piano

Landgerbe – Electric Guitar

How was bebop created?
Jam sessions

Put into the correct order:

jazz-rock, smooth jazz, jazz hip-hop

smooth jazz, jazz-rock, jazz hip-hop

True or False:

Jazz reflects and reveals the social, political, economic,

cultural, and religious experiences of African Americans

in the United States


Which was not an extremely important album

from the jazz-rock fusion era?

These include:

Bitches Brew

The Inner Mounting Flame

Head Hunters

My Spanish Heart

Heavy Weather

Why was early bebop not recorded?

Many of ther ecording presses were used by tgovernment to make weapons for the military. Government offered more money to the manufacturing plant than their profit from records.


The American Federation of Musicians Strike in 1942?

What instrument did Miles Davis play?
Who was not in the classic John Coltrane quarted?
Reggie Workman

Yes or No:

Were rock musicians just as influenced by jazz as

jazz musicians by rock?

What are not characteristics of bebop?
Total departure from everything old
What was the union card during bebop for?
Allowed musicians to play at certain clubs

Which major style of jazz did not occur during

the 1950s?

These include:

East Coast Jazz

West Coast Jazz

The Progressive Jazz (Cool, Thir Stream, Modal)

Hard Bop (Funky, Soul, Gospel)

True or False:

After the 1960s, the majority of all new styles of jazz

were fusions or cross-fertilizations with popular

forms of musc.

Who were the fathers of free jazz?

John Coltrane

Ornete Coleman

Eric Dolphy

Who was club bird land in NYC named after?
Charles Parker

True or False:

Musicians, both popular and unpopular, are every day real people affected by social, political, economic, and religious situations.

Who was considered the father of the cool school?
Lester Young
What period of jazz marked the emegence of electric guitars, electric base, and electric drum kit?
Jazz-rock fusion (Late 1960s)

True or False:

Third stream was popular with consumers.

Was bebop palyed beyond midtown and uptown?
Who were the fathers/architects or bebop?
Charlie Parker & Dizzy Gillespie
What historic album introduced Modal Jazz?
Kind of Blues by Miles Davis

What subcategories of jazz fit under the rubric

of progressive jazz?

Cool jazz and third stream
What is a jam session?
A small group that got together after a gig late night to play new stuff
What henre was more noted for its composers and arrangers rather than its musicians?
Cool Jazz
Something about Emmit Price
What instrument did John Coltrane play?
What innovator has been at the forefron of more styles of jazz than any other?
Miles Davis

Which style of jazz is not considered a type of

post-1960s fusion?

Latin jazz