What is the name of the best selling jazz album and who composed it?
“Kind of Blue” and Miles Davis
What two songs on “Kind of Blue” became staples in the jazz repertoire? Which one is favorite of college and high-school marching bands?
“All Blues” and “So What” (“So What” was a favorite of school marching bands)
What musicians performed on “Kind of Blue?”
Miles Davis, John Coltrane, Cannonball Adderley, Bill Evans, Wynton Kelly, Paul Chambers and Jimmy Cobb
What musical elements were employed in “Kind of Blue?” What made it so popular?
Medium tempo, composed the day of recording with band members unknowing what they would play, much space for a soloist to fill, improvisation, blues
what characterized bop?
small combos, unison playing, fast playing, complex chords, tonal clashes, not used for dancing, larger harmonic boundaries, accented note between beats
historical category of works that includes the descriptors of an evolutionary line, describes heroes of the tradition
what was the standard format for bop?
first chorus: unison, second: improvised choruses, last: unison again
tonal clashes
unusual harmonies and fast tempos with complex rhythms
“running the chords”
more spontaneous punctuations on th ebass drum
how did the rhythm section change in bop?
bass and snare drums were used for accents and punctuations, bombs included, piano used syncopated chordal punctuations, guitar become a melody instrument with advent of amp, walking bass line
charlie parker
sax, bop, called “yardbird” or “bird”, liked higher harmonics, played in double time
dizzy gillespie
trumpet, bop, louie armstrong influence, playing modeled on roy eldrige, arranger with cab calloways band
thelonious monk
piano, bop
kenny clarke
drums, bop
max roach
drums, bop
mintons playhouse
where early bop sessions began
roy eldrige
trumpet, bop
“center of the jazz world”
fifth and sixth avenue, where first actual bop band was formed
oscar pettiford
bass, bop
bud powell
piano, bop, voices/spaces were innovative and could play accurately at fast tempos
sonny rollins
john coltrane
sax, bop
trombone, bop
when large bands used bop harmonics and melodic developments
billy eckstine
vocals, bop
sarah vaughan
piano, vocals, bop
stan kenton
piano, bop
the fusion between a cuban-influenced rhythm section and an african american influenced trumpet and sax
tito puente
timbalero and vibraphone, cubop
howard rumsey
bass, cubop
chico hamilton
drummer, cool
fred catz
cello, cool
edgar redmond
woodwind, cool
Paul horm
flute, cool
buddy collette
flute, cool
herbie mann
flute, cool
bud shank
flute, cool
frank wess
flute, cool
bob cooper
oboe, cool
yusef lateef
oboe, cool
rahsaan roland kirk
oboe, cool
clark terry
flugelhorn, cool
bob brookmeyer
trombone, cool
dave brubeck
piano, cool
created by playing on rhythm over another
third stream music
the use of classical forms in jazz
benny carter
saxaphone, cool
teddy wilson
piano, cool
benny goodman
clarinet, cool
Jimmy noone
clarinet, cool
john lewis
piano, cool
benny carter
saxaphone, trumpet, cool
claude thornhill
french horn, arranger, cool
lee konitz
sax, cool
gerry mulligan
sax, cool
george shearing
piano, cool
lennie tristano
piano, cool
bill evans
piano, cool
horace silver
piano, cool/gospel funk
oscar peterson
piano, cool
scott lafaro
bass, cool, kind of blue
paul motian
drums, cool, kind of blue
joe labarbera
drums, cool
marc johnson
bass, cool
eddie gomez
bass, cool
stan getz
saxaphone, cool
jimmy giuffre
clarinet, cool
shorty rogers
trumpet, west coast cool
shelly manne
drums, west coast cool
howard rumsey
bass, west coast cool
chet baker
trumpet, cool
gunther schuller
french horn, third stream cool
a composition that emphasizes two or more tonal centers at the same time
use of two modes with the same chord
concerto grosso
placing a small jazz group of seven or eight players within a large symphonic orchestra
joao gilberto
guitar, cool
flora purim
vocals, cool
eddie palmieri
piano, cool
plagal cadence
constant use of amen chordal progression
art blakey
drums, gospel funk
jimmy smith
organ, funk
carl perkins
piano, funk
art blakey
drums, funk
sonny rollins
sax, funk
sheets of sound
coltranes fast playing of arpeggios
charles mingus
Ornette coleman
sax, avante-garde
schoenberg’s twelve-tone system
each tone has equal importance and no key center is applied
cecil taylor
piano, avante-garde
Sun Ra
piano, avant-garde
association for the advancement of creative music, a support group for musicians working in new and experimental music
joseph jarmen
saxaphone, avante-garde
anthony braxton
woodwind, avante-gard
chance music
free in terms of harmony, timbre, meter
greg osby
saxaphone, avante-garde
jon faddis
trumpet, avante-gard
henry threadgill
john mclaughlin
guitar, fusion
chick corea
piano, fusion
joe zawinul
piano, fusion
wayne shorter
clarinet, fusion
drum machines
michael brecker
sax, fusion
david sanborn
sax, fusion
pat metheny
guitar, fusion
jazz, rock, latin fusion band
straight ahead feeling that develops a half-time
quincy jones
ron carter
bass, fusion
tony williams
drums, fusion
breaker music
music for breakdancing