John Coltrane
Tenor and Soprano sax
Had a heroin addiction hat broke up the Miles Davis quintet
John Coltrane
John Coltrane
“Blue Train”
John Coltrane
Played excessive lengths in his performances
John Coltrane
Played with Thelonious Monk “School of Monk”
John Coltrane
“Sheets of Sound”
John Coltrane
Tried to play every note in every chord and every scale
(Coleman Hawkins X 10)
John Coltrane
Most influential tenor saxophonist in Jazz
John Coltrane
1960 classic quartet with John Coltrane
McCoy Tyner (Piano)
Jimmy Garrison (bass)
Elvin Jones (drums)
What was Elvin Jones known for?
Rolling triplets on drums
Dorian mode
Natural minor scale with a raised sixth
Album made by John Coltrane when he went clean
(1964) A Love Supreme
What did John Coltrane die of?
Died of Liver cancer
Only recorded for 12 years, but had a high impact on jazz music
John Coltrane
Miles Davis
Trumpeter (1991)
Born in St. Louis
At age 18, he performed wih Bird and Diz
Miles Davis
Quit Julliard School of music to play at NY nightclub with Bird
Miles Davis
Absorped the Bebop style with Bird and Diz
Miles Davis
Was not as technically able as Gillespie
Miles Davis
Had a nine-person group with Gil Evans
Miles Davis
Encounter with Gil helped his first style change “Cool Jazz”
Miles Davis
Cool Jazz created a great appeal to the White audience than Bebop
Who was Miles Davis’ rhythm section in his 1st Quintet?
Red Garland, Paul Chambers, “Philly” Joe Jones
Who was Miles Davis’ rhythm section in his 2nd Quintet?
Herbie Hancock, Ron Carter, Tony Williams (17 years old)
When was Jazz-Rock Fusion introduced?
Bitches Brew album dropped (1970)

One of best-selling jazz albums of all time

No Walking bass (modal delays)
No swing
Drums Swinging
Fusion jazz
Straight up and down rock beat
Fusion jazz
Bass-repetitive and busy funk lines
Fusion jazz
Fusion jazz
Electrified instruments
Fusion jazz
Inclusion of african insttruments
Fusion jazz
Emmerged during the late 60’s
Fusion jazz
Short repetitive chord progressions
Fusion jazz
Miles Davis Effect
most important fusion pioneers were in the bands of miles davis
Mixed jazz improvisation with the instrumentation and rhythms of R and B
Fusion jazz
Blood sweat and Tears

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bands that first started fusion
John McLaughlin
Fusion guitarist

Recorded with miles davis, Tony Williams

Mahavishnu Orchestra
Jan Hammer-keyboards

Jerry Goodman-violin

Rick Laird- Bass guitar

Billy Cobham-drums

Considered the ultimate models of group cohesion and fuison improvisation
Weather report
Joe Zawinul-piano, synth

Wayne Shorter-soprano saxo (w/ davis)

Often no distiction between solo and band
Weather report
Collective improvisation of textures

Funk band emphasis

Weather report
Herbie Hancock
pianist, composer
Played with head hunters and sextant
Herbie Hancock
Chick Corea
Pianist composer

return to forever

Chick Corea Electric band

Latin and Spanish influence
Chick Corea
How Davis avoided musical stasis (single mode)
Davis created a variety of shifting- to a different scale during the composition
How did Davis view modal jazz?
As a challenge to melodic invention
Deliberate restriction of resources results in __________________?
Paradoxical sense of creative liberation
Harmon Mute
Sharp contrast between Miles understated improvisations and John Coltrane’s impassioned streams of notes, made music more intense
“Jazz as we know it is DEAD”
October 1967 Downbeat magazine
Rhythmically interlocking parts for bass, guitar, drums.
Solos utilized long strings of sixteenth notes
John McLaughlin