What is Bel canto Opera?
italian opera of the early 19th century
meaning “beautiful song”
importance of the beauty of the human voice
Name three big composers of Bel Canto Operas
What is Realism
show life as it really is
depicting lives of lower middle class
What are some characteristic of Puccini operas?
Short intense vocal melodies
exotic settings
realistic plot
The Aria “Un bel di” is from what opera but what composer?
Madame Butterfly
by Puccini
What is going on in the story as “un bel di” is performed
chocho san tells her loyal but doubtful maid what it will be like when her love “Pinkerton” returns.
Characteristics of Verdi arias?
smaller orchestra
catchy tunes
often strophic
who is Rigoletto?
a hunchbacked and bitter court jester.
Who is Gilda?
the Rigoletto’s Daughter
Who is the duke?
A womanizer (Rigoletto’s employer)
Who is sparafucile?
A hitman
Who is Maddelena
Sparafuchile’s sister
What happens in the plot of Rigoletto?
Rigoletto doesn’t want Gilda to fall in love with the Duke, she does anyway. He hires Sparafuchile and Maddelena to kill him and he ends up killing his own daughter instead.
The Aria “la donna e mobile” is about what?
The duke sings this about how fickle women are
What form is La donna e mobile?
What is the plot of Madama Butterfly?
Pinkerton is a naval officer, he marries young Chocho San. He leaves for two years saying he will return. Pinkerton returns with a new “real” wife. Chocho San givers her son to him and kills herself.
..chocho san is an idiot